Hi, are you looking for garnish ideas and new recipes?

 I’m Gala and I will be your guide. I like to decorate my dishes and most of my cooking videos have garnish ideas as well as food presentation examples.

Have fun and enjoy my website! 

1. Gala in The Kitchen News

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Chayote salad Recipe

2. Recipes

Browse Gala in the kitchen collection recipes by categories. All my recipes tested by my family and perfected before to add here. Almost every recipe has simple decoration idea for the dish and video.

3. Food Garnishing Tips and Decoration Ideas


pages now and much more garnish ideas are coming!

I like to keep the garnish ideas that I share simple. Some of them look very complex but are actually easy to make

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4. Gala’s Blog

The blog is about my cooking experiences and sharing cooking stories

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Photo How to serve canviar Russian style garnish
Photo Paper napkin flower
Photo Melba Toast on the Plate
Photo Lubov Presents Russian Dish Stroganina
Russian Holiday Maslenitsa 2017 Photo

5. Russian Food Glossary

The glossary is an introduction to Russian food and everything related to this subject with photos.

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Guriev Kasha Dessert

Photo Guriev Kasha Dessert at Gala's Kitchen

Bird’s Milk Candies

Russian Candies Birds milk Photo


Photo Russian Caviar Serving with Butter Photo


Siberian pelmeni at Gala's Kitchen Photo