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Our Family Thanksgiving Story

Proud American or “NO” to De Bone Turkey on Thanksgiving!

So many cultures and traditions in the beautiful World. Almost every holiday has a traditional feast. When we live in the cultural environment, we don’t think so much how important for us is our heritage. However, if some outsider tries to make a change some people can react unpredictable. Even if an outsider is a wife and man loves her very much… Here is my story.

Ron never cooked simply anything in his life, except peanut butter sandwich (bread not toasted, too much trouble and time for him). His hobby to build classic cars, job-related to aircraft, military background, no evidence of passion to cooking.

How Story Starts

Ron married a Russian woman. He asked his wife, how she is going to prepare the turkey for they first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is traditional American Holiday and requires to have turkey. (I specify for people who lives in other countries and don’t know about this.) The answer was simple, “Maybe Debone?” Russians don’t cook the whole turkey often, so no many recipes and experience to cook a whole bird. He nicely said, “No!” and start searching for recipes. His first turkey was very good because he got the very good recipe from friends and spices it with Love, passion, and pride of his cultural culinary heritage. Actually, these spices very common in all cultures.

It becomes a beautiful family tradition and he improving the turkey recipe almost to perfection year by year. He cooked 12 Thanksgiving dinners. Looks like the man likes to do it. He made a turkey with a very busy schedule, nothing stopped him. He cooked his turkey at Russian friend’s house at other city, to be sure his turkey and dressing on a table at Thanksgiving for friends.

Who is Cooking Turkey Now

Years fly by and son got married. Son’s mother-in-law Diane invited family for Thanksgiving dinner. What is a surprise! Ron didn’t offer to make turkey first time in years…Maybe, reason is he doesn’t want to have debone turkey on his Thanksgiving dinner and Diane knows right spices. By the way, her turkey was delicious too. What it tasted like? Love, passion, and pride, to be an American.

Turkey baked or fried. Cranberry sauce. The dressing is bread crumbles mix with different feelings – delicious, no matter what recipe I tried! Vegetables as a side dish. Gravy is a sauce made from meat juices and thickening with cornstarch. Bread is rolls or other small one portion bread. Dessert is pie.

What to do with leftovers from dinner?

     Leftovers of turkey meat can be freeze and make very convenient lunch for work or meal. Meat separate on portions, add dressing and gravy in the same bag (very good size bag is quart) and wrap in foil to prevent freezing burn. When ready to eat, just add mashed potato or desirable vegetables.

We can make stock from the turkey carcass. I didn’t try but people saying it is good.

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