How I Tried to Make My Mayonnaise.


I remember French impression: “An architect cover up mistakes by a facade, chef by sauces…”. Well, I don’t know how about mistakes, but I can say it covers many salads and other dishes in almost all cuisines of the World.

Here is my kind of cute story now, but not cute to me 27 years ago… I can say factory made mayonnaise was very good quality and we don’t try hard to make it at home. However, my culinary curiosity follows me all my life. Recipe catches my attention by details giving. One detail of this recipe, a dish to make mayonnaise need to be from ceramic, I remember it to this day and don’t have an explanation for this day too, what was wrong with glass dish.  I follow recipe “step by step, without skipping any step” and expect to spice my mayonnaise with success. I beat eggs by hand without a mixer and add oil by drops, it takes time and my eggs were not cooperative with other ingredients and with me too…We know, passion can take us far. So, I try so long oil drop by drop, but my hope melted with time. So, I spice my eggs and oil mixture with tears and as result sore of my arm after for a while. We have very colorful Russian proverb about a situation like this,” Woman didn’t have trouble, so she bought a piglet “. My piglet was a homemade mayonnaise idea…

I try again to make mayonnaise after many years…  I was looking in one of my Cajun cooking books and saw potato salad and it has a comment, secret of delicious salad is homemade mayonnaise. Basically, it very common recipe and it makes different from others recipes a few drops Tabasco sauce. So, Cajun Louisiana mayonnaise is my first homemade mayonnaise. I can’t say it was a detailed recipe, but it inspires to do research and try again. My first try was very good! I see in homemade mayonnaise benefits, we can adjust taste by our preference and of course, taste. If we make it with an electric gadget, it is a very easy process. If you have your story about make mayonnaise and tips share with us!

Sincerely, your Gala.

P.S. All ingredients need to be the same temperature, one one of the key for success in making mayonnaise.

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