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How To Make Gluten-Free Almond Flour From Scratch

Photo How to make Almonds Flour from Scratch

       Almond flour is gluten-free flour and we can use it in baking to make cakes, cookies, pancakes, macaroons and much more. It took me some learning and testing, so I am going to share the best way to make almond flour from scratch. You can buy pieces already peeled and ground it – the easy way but it is so costly way. Of course, depends on where you live and what is the best bargain for you. I am going to describe all steps from unpeeled almonds to flour. It is a great project in front of the TV at evening.

Carrot Cake with Almond Flour ⇐

How To Store Almonds

       I store whole dried and peeled almonds in a ziplock bag in a cabinet and make a flour day when I need it. However, if you not going to use peeled almost soon, best to keep in the refrigerator. The main reason is whole almonds stay longer fresh than in powder. Leftovers from almond flour good to use in a smoothie.

How To Store Almonds Flour

       Almond flour best to keep in a refrigerator or freezer. If you store almonds as a flour, place a small cheesecloth bag with a few grains of rice in it. Rice absorbs moisture. When you store powders, it prevents it from caking and clumping. For store made powders, you don’t need to do it, because they already add some ingredients to prevent caking.

*I tried blanch almonds for 1 minute in boiling water and compared the taste of almonds soak in water (the method below). It has a slightly different taste but well noticeable. The method below is the winner!

To make almond flour we need raw almonds.

(Unsalted and unroasted almonds)

1. How to Peel Almonds

  1. Place almonds in a shallow dish and cover almonds with boiling water (not hot or warm!) and let stay for 1 minute.

Photo How to make almond flour step 1

2. I start peeling from almonds I can able to peel after 1 minute. Not all almonds will be ready after in 1 minute. I like this way because my almonds don’t soak in water long. For me 5-10 minutes enough to peel amount of almonds like on the photo. If I need more for almonds for flour I repeat again, this way my almonds don’t soak long in the water.

*If after 1-minute, not any almond ready to peel, I pour boiling water again on them instead of wait longer. Everything depends on quality almonds.

Photo How to Peel Almonds

2. How to Dry Almonds

          I prefer dry natural way on baking paper. For me, it takes not long because I use my oven after baking to speed up the drying process. Just wait to cool off little oven, so won’t end up with roasted almonds. Happen to me before. I end up with very tasty roasted almonds. Without oven takes a few days. However, it very depends on the moisture in your kitchen and of course, the moisture of almonds.

*If you in a dry climate, the sundry almonds. It is good old fashion way and proven by centuries. Just cover with cheesecloth almonds, so insects don’t contaminate it.

Photo How to make flour from almonds

How to Speed Up The Process

Dry peeled almonds in oven 220ºF (100ºC) and move almonds periodically. I can’t tell time because it really depends on the moisture of your almonds. Before making flour, cool off almonds completely.

*Some people dry almonds in a skillet on the stove but personally I never try.

How do I know almond dry enough to make flour?

Drying can be very tricky and time is not always clear, especially with natural drying method. So, how to test almonds, if you not sure. I grounded test almonds to powder and almonds doesn’t stick to sides of my grounder, it well dry. Also, it has a look like crumbles but when I touch it, it comes apart very easily. Don’t worry, if almonds not dry enough and turn to butter, use it in your smoothy!

Photo Almond flour

3. Mincing Almonds

  1. I use a coffee grinder. If you dry almonds completely, you shouldn’t have any problem to grind it.

Photo Almond Flour From Scratch

2. Sift almond flour before use to separate large pieces.

Photo How to make almond flour from scratch


Video How to Make Almond Flour at Home

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