Carrot Garnishing Ideas

I like to use carrot garnish with so many dishes because the carrot is so vibrant and can stay in ice water in the refrigerator for a few hours without any problem. I look at beautiful carrot carving designs on the Internet sometimes it takes hours for me, so many talented people! However, I am personally not so patient for carving and be honest not talented to make sculptures. So my garnishes simple, if I can do it, you can do it too. Some of the garnishes required tools and when it possible I suggest an alternative.

1. How to Make Carrot Flowers

Photo Carrot garnish ideas Flowers

With this technique, I make only flowers and fish. We can make designs with cookie cutters or with a paring knife. With the carrot designs, we can decorate soups, salads and other dishes. It so easy and cute decoration especially for kids dishes.

Photo Carrot garnish ideas cabbage salad

Garnish flower made with cookie cutters

The flowers on the photo I made with Lindzer cookie cutters ⇒ Cookie cutters I use to make garnishes

Technique N1

  1. Cut 1 1/5 or 2 inches from carrot. Cut shape with a knife or with garnishing tool. Cut carrot into flowers.

How to make handmade garnish tool

Photo Carrot garnish ideas small flowers

2. Fish same as flowers. Just make tales with attention, so fish not going to loose tails when going to swim in soup.

I garnished with fish  Ukha Russian Salmon Sour Recipe

*I garnished also Russian dish fish Zalivnoe when I was leaving in Russia. It is like fish jello with pieces of fish. I decorated also with green dill and lemon, so cute! Unfortunately, I don’t have photos. This dish I don’t make in the USA because it takes a special local type of fish to make it.

Copy Carrot garnish ideas fish design

2. Waffles Carrot Garnish

This garnish so cute on marinaded salads, vegetable salads, appetizers and much more. To make this garnish we need a wavy knife or mandoline with the option to make waffles.

Photo Waffles Decor Potato Garnish Ideas for Holiday Table

If you don’t have a wavy knife, you can try to make out of a strong can lid. ⇒ How to make handmade garnish tool 

Carrot waffles so cute in a jar! Great carrot garnish idea for preserved food.

Technique N2

  1. Make first cut, it will be not waffle. Turn 90° and make the cut as close to edge as possible. Our first waffle is ready.

Safety tips.

To prevent sliding carrot on cutting board you can make 2 slices. The first on the bottom of carrot and another slice on the side of the potato for stability on the cutting board. So when you turn carrot it will be laying on the flat side of the carrot.

Another method to prevent carrot sliding on the cutting board. Place a slice of bread under carrot.

Photo Carrot Garnish Waffles

3. How to Make Carrot Flower Garnish

Rose from Carrot

This technique so good works on a cooked carrot. Its great looks with flowers from beets. I garnished Russian potato salad Olivier on the photo.

Technique N3

The technique how to make the flower (example on lemon) ⇒ How to make lemon flower garnish

4. Carrot Flower Garnish

Photo NorPro Carrot Curler and Flower from Carrot

For carrot, the best tool is a NorPro carrot curler. I have a few vegetable ribbon makers and they are not too fine for this job. Great for cucumber but not for a carrot. I bought my on Ebay for a few dollars. Really recommend one!

So many photo examples on this page  ⇒ How to Use NorPro Carrot Curler To Make Flowers ⇐

5. Carrot Ribbon Garnish

Photo Carrot flower garnish idea Ribbon Border

Ribbon garnish is so easy to make with a vegetable peeler and it is so cute on salad plates!

Photo Carrot garnish ideas Ribbon

On the photos, I garnished ⇒ Russian Cabbage salad

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