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How to Make 9 Easy Lemon Garnishes

My lemon garnishes are simple and easy to make for everyone. Use them on seafood dishes, desserts, beverages and so much more.

When life gives you lemons, make a flower! Gala

When life gives you lemons make garnish Gala Photo

1. How to Make Lemon Fish Garnish

Garnish from Lemon Photo

I love this technique because is super simple and the fish is so cute. This idea came to me one day and I thought why not give it a try. You can dress up any seafood dish or even a dessert with this fun fish.

1 Technique:

  1. This is cut lengthwise like you cut wedges but is actually thinly cut slices. About  1/8 inch thick. Then cut the thin slice in half as shown. Make 1 inch cut like on the photo.

Fish Shape from Lemon Photo

2. Place one slice inside of the cut and shape a fish.

Photo Fish Shape from Lemon and Lime

3. You can see how I used them on fried fish in the photo here.

Fish Shape from Lemon Photo

Video Lemon Garnish in Shape of Fish

2. How to Make Fun Dish Tartar Sauce From Lemon

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 5 Photo

This decoration is a fancy lemon garnish for fish. Can be a cute addition to fish or seafood plate.

2 Technique:

  1. Cut the lemon horizontally. The top will be the base for out sauce boat.
Lemon Gravy Boat Step 1Photo
Lemon Gravy Boat Step 2 Photo

2. Cut around the lemon like shown on the photo, it is makes easy to remove inside with spoon.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 3 Photo

3. Remove inside of the lemon with a spoon.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 4 Photo

4. Fill with desirable sauce and serve. I have tartar sauce and serve with fried fish.

Lemon Gravy Boat Step 5 Photo

3. How to Make Lemon Twist Garnish

Fish Plate from Foil Photo

Twist lemon garnish doesn’t need any effort to make a beautiful decoration for our dish. The nice touch takes no time!  On the photo, baked fish served in fish shaped foil plate.

3 Technique:

  1. Cut slice of lemon or lime half way how I show on the photo.
Lemon Easy Garnishes Photo

2. Twist it and garnish is ready to go on the plate.

Lemon Garnish Photo

Lemon and lime combination makes a beautiful garnish.

Lemon and Lime Twist Garnish Photo

4. Another Lemon Garnish Twist.

Garnish from Lemon Photo

Another twist lemon garnish. We can make garnish like the fan or little simple twist and gorgeous addition to our plate is ready!

4 Technique:

  1.  I like this simple technique!
Lemon Garnishes Photo

5. Decorative Lemon Garnish

Decorative Lemon Garnish Photo

This garnish we can use on any fish or seafood dish. So interesting shape!

*I use the same technique to make cucumber and onion garnish.

5 Technique:

  1.  Place knife (black handle) inside the lemon. Make the cut with a knife (red handle).
Fancy Garnish from Lemon Step 1 Photo

2. Turn knife with black handle, don’t move knife with a red handle, just make same cut on the other side of lemon.

Very attractive on seafood platter!

How to make fancy garnishes from lemon Photo
Flower from lemon

6. Simple Lemon Cuts Flowers Garnish

Our garnish from a lemon is so nice touch to many dishes. However, the beautiful and even cuts we can make only with food garnish tool. You don’t have to buy a fancy garnish tool, make yourself!

⇒ Read more about the technique  

Garnish Shrimp from Lemon Peel Photo

7. A Lemon Peel Flower Garnish

The flower from the lemon. We can make the center of a flower from olive and decorate fish or other dishes. The technique how to make the flower from a lemon I explain step by step on orange and also you can watch the video.

⇒ Read more about the technique  

Mango Plate Decor Photo

8. Beautiful Lemon Garnish Flower

The flower is a great decoration for the seafood platters, desserts, and much more. The technique how to make a flower step by step with video is so easy to follow.

⇒ Read more about the technique 

Photo Rabbit from Lemon Kids Food Garnish

9. Cute and Easy to Make Bunny Garnish from Lemon

The bunny is so easy to make and very cute decoration for Easter or for kids food. We can make bunnies from so many fruits, vegetables and other food. Check it out. Great technique!

⇒ Bunny Garnish for Kids Easter Food Decoration Idea

Tips from Gala’s Kitchen

  1. Lemons stored in ziplock bags in the refrigerator.
  2. To get the most of the juice out of a lemon (lime), roll it under your hand before is going to cut.How to juice lemon tip 1 Photo
  3. One of the ways to prevent seeds fallout of lemon to food, cover with cheese cloth and juice it. This technique use at restaurants to serve lemon with fish and seafood dishes. How to juice lemon tip 2 Photo
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