Photo Sweet Potato Garnish with Flower from Butter Photo

Baked Sweet Potato

Garnishing Food with Flower from Butter

How to make a flower from butter I learned from a chef at Russia many years ago. We can make flowers in advance and use when you need it. If flowers come out how you like at first, just remember, “Practice is the best teacher.”

How do I use in my kitchen? On side dishes, on liver pate, on stakes, on toast, baked potato (looks great on sweet potato, because of contrast) whatever you use butter.

Photo Flower from Butter Dishes Decor

We can decorate caviar sandwiches, tiny flowers look great on pink and black caviar. We can leave a few pearls of pink caviar and freeze it for the future garnish. So, when time to serve fish you can decorate the center of your flower with pink caviar. Like example, butter and mashed potato almost same color, so flower much better looks with the pink center and caviar match seafood dishes perfectly (of course, if you eat caviar).

Russian Caviar Serving with Butter Photo

I use the flower from butter garnishing herb (green) butter – great addition to holiday table.

Link ⇒  Herb Butter Recipe with Parsley

Photo Herb butter recipe

We need:

Knife round shape and refrigerated butter. The shape of the knife is important, it makes petals looks like on the photos.

1. Make curl from butter and it will be the center of your flower.

Flower from Butter Step 1 Photo
Flower from Butter Step 2 Photo

2. Create shorter curl with the shape like petal and attach to center.

Flower from Butter Step 3 Photo

3. Continue attaching petals around the center.

Flower from Butter Step 4 Photo

4. When you will be satisfied with your flower looks to turn it upside down and secure bottom of the flower by the smoothing surface. So, your flowers are not going to loose petals when you store in a bag.

Flower from Butter photo

5. Place on cutting board and freeze it. Frozen flowers store in a plastic bag and keep in the freezer.

Video How to Make Flower From Butter


If you would like to make different shapes from butter for garnishing as options we can use candy, chocolate molds or cookie cutters. Also, you can shape butter in molds from box candies.

 Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

Shapes from Butter

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