How to Garnish Deviled Eggs for Holidays and More

How to garnish deviled eggs, just sprinkle with paprika of greens and ready to serve a yummy appetizer. However, I decided to share a few more options, you may like to decorate stuffed eggs platter.   

1. Deviled Eggs for Easter Garnish

Photo How to Garnish Deviled Eggs for Easter

The bunny from an egg is so easy and cute garnish for Easter table decoration. One touch and you will get a lot of compliments. I also added tiny garnish flowers from cheddar cheese on eggs. However, it is not going to work with every egg stuffing. It is come out so cute and great looks with the bunny. My friend saw the Instagram photo of my bunny and said bunny needs eyes. I agree we can make eyes with sesame seeds, flax seeds, mustard seeds and other spices and grains. Just remember it must to edible.

*We can make bunny from fruits as well ⇒ How to Make Bunny from Fruits

  1. Bunny to make so simple just cut off the bottom of the egg, it will be bunny’s ears. Cut off the angle from the bottom and ears ready.

2. Make the cut on the egg like on the photo, put ears in and the bunny is ready.

*It not always works well for me, sometimes my bunny looks like instead ears have horns.

3. To make flowers on top of eggs, I use cheddar cheese. Orange color so brights up the plate! To make flowers I used cookie cutters and straw.

⇒ Cookie Cutters I Use to Make Garnishes

Photo Deviled Eggs for Easter Garnish Idea

4. If you don’t have a cute small cookie cutter in shape of a flower, just roll a small piece of cheddar and as you can see works fine too.

Photo How to garnish deviiled eggs for Easter

2. Deviled Eggs for Christmas Garnish

The best and easiest Christmas garnish for deviled eggs is Christmas tree from a cucumber or pickle. So easy to make and so impressive. The star I made from a carrot on the photo but we can make a star from many other ingredients, like cheddar cheese, pepper…

  1. Make a slice with a vegetable peeler from cucumber (pickle)

Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber 2 Photo

2. Adjust loops like on the photo. Easy to manage loops if you keep them on the bottom of the stick.

Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber 1

3. Spread cucumber in shape of Christmas tree and attach the star.

*You can make a star with a knife or use cookie cutters. I used the star attachments Wilton Linzen Cookie cutter set ⇒ Cookie cutter I use to make garnishes

Photo How to make Christmas tree from cucumber

3. Deviled Eggs for Halloween

Deviled eggs for Halloween so cute to garnish with spiders which are made out of olives. We can make spiders out of black olives or green olives. Great project for kids to do! If we serve large party a few spiders will be enough to decorate the plate, rest of eggs just sprinkle with paprika. The direction so easy to make these cute creatures. We need 2 olives to make a spider, one half is not enough to make 8 legs. Cut into half olive and place one half on the egg. Slice half into slices and make 4 eggs for each side. Same garnish great on salads, on small sandwiches, on cheese ball and much more.

Olives became very fast dull. For spiders, we don’t need to keep olives shiny. However, if you would like to know how olives stay shiny at banquets at restaurants check this page ⇒ How to keep olives shiny 

4. Deviled Eggs With Wavy Edges

I like to make eggs edges wavy. It easy to make with wavy crinkle knife and takes same time like with chef knife.  


If you don’t have a wavy knife, you can make yourself. How to make handmade garnish tool

4. Deviled Eggs With Caviar

Great combination deviled eggs with caviar. Just garnish with caviar and green onion curls on the top and gourmet appetizer is ready. Caviar usually slightly salty and it works so well together. 

Recipe deviled eggs (don’t add garlic, if serve with caviar) ⇒ Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe

Deviled Egg Garnished with Caviar and Curly Green Onion


This recipe so common in Russia, we like to make stuffed eggs with garlic. Check out the recipe. ⇒ Russian Stuffed Eggs Recipe

Photo Russian stuffed eggs recipe ingredients

Caviar is a very common ingredient on Russian Holiday table. ⇒ How to serve caviar Russian style

Photo How to serve canviar Russian style

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