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Photo Fun fish fillet shapes two

Heart and Fish Shapes from Fish Fillet

The fish fillet can be garnished interesting way by itself as addition to other garnishes like lemon slices and greens. We can bring Holiday to the table with these small touches and brighten up our life with fun memories! Most important it is easy and not time-consuming.

1. How to Make Heart Shaped Garnish from Fish Fillet

Photo Fun Heart Shape From Fish Fillet

Great technique to make heart from fish fillet for Valentine’s day! The great way impress someone for Valentine’s day, cooking for kids or just everyday cooking spice your fish dish with a special touch. The technique is so simple and easy to make. I made from salmon, but you can make from other fish as well, just choose fish with a soft texture. Looking nice with topping.


  1. Cut salmon fillet 2 inch wide. My fillet is 2×6 inches.

Photo Shapes from fish fillet heart

2. Make a cut in a middle of fillet, leave 1 inch from both sides.

3. Cut bottom edge for the sharpest look, if you need.

Photo shapes fish fillet heart shape

4. Fold top of fillet under and sides leave apart from each other. Our heart is ready. It is very nice looks with topping.

Photo Shapes from fish fillet heart step 4

1. Video How to Make Heart Shape from Fish Fillet

Heart from Salmon PhotoIt was very pleasant to me received the photo of this fish heart from Kondrashov family in an email. Wife made for her husband. How sweet! Someone funded useful my video and it touches my heart! Thank you so much!♥ Gala

2. How to Make Fish Shape from Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet in Fish Shape Photo

This design so much fun for kids! So cute and easy. I don’t like a waste of food. This design is no any leftovers. Great way to build up childhood memories for kids.


  1. Cut fillet in fish shape and make cut on the middle.

2. Place excess of meat in middle cut. Our fish ready to serve.

Photo Shapes from fish fillet 2

Our fish is ready to cook.

Photo Shapes from fish fillet on plate

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