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How to Make Flavored Herb Butter with Parsley

We can make flavored butter with different herbs. I use parsley in my herb butter recipe. Other my favorite herb to make butter with is green dill. We can use flavored butter on steak, fish dishes, side dishes, vegetables or simply on toast,  bread, with buns. Very good idea to replace plain butter on our menu.

I show one of garnishing ideas how to make herb butter with flower garnish for Holiday table.

It comes out so cute!

Herb butter recipe


We need:

4 oz or 113 g butter room temperature,

20 g ( hand full) parsley or desirable herb,

1 teaspoon lemon juice,



If you would like to decorate herb butter,

Flower from Butter

Herb Butter Photo

1.  Chop parsley very fine.

Herb Butter Photo

2. Parsley mixes with butter. Add salt and lemon juice.

Photo Herb Butter Photo

Garnish for Herb Butter:

If you would like to decorate herb butter, use the frozen flower from butter.

  • Photo is a link “How to make Flower from Butter”
  1. Cover a lid of a butter dish with plastic, place a flower on the bottom and cover with herb butter.
Herb Butter Photo
Herb Butter Photo

2. Press out any air. Place in the refrigerator approximately for 1-2  hours.

Herb Butter photo

Remove from plastic, take out the butter.

Our butter ready to serve.


Herb Butter Photo

Video Herb Butter Recipe


  • If you are going to freeze butter, divide a log of cold butter into desired pieces, freeze it on cutting board and keep in a bag in the freezer.
  • To cut frozen butter easy and with clean edges use a hot knife.
  • Another way to shape herb butter in the photo below.Herb Butter
  • Herb butter

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  1. Iryna
    Iryna says:

    I want to try to make butter with dill. I think it will be great for sandwich with marinated fish.
    Thank you for the recipe, Gala.


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