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Photo Garnish Mango with Mango Flower and Butterfly from Kiwi

The butterfly I made with a cookie cutter. Cookie cutters I use to make garnish

How to Cut a Mango to Eat

    Mango is one of my favorite fruit! When I tried to peel my tropical stranger like other fruits, my hands were all over with juice and it makes not easy to cut flash from the core without losing a lot of juice and I started looking for a better way from people who have more experience. I used mangoes in the preparation desserts, smoothie, simply serve as is with garnish or make mango and yogurt popsicles.

 I decorated mango with a flower made from lemon and green leaves are mint.

Mango Plate Decor Photo

Rose from Lemon

*On the bottom of the page, links to techniques how to make flowers from fruits and vegetables. Both techniques apply to mango also.

Another great and my favorite technique to Make mango flower and serve on a stick .

Photo How to serve mango on a stick


  1. The first step, to find the spot on mango shown in the photo. It needs to face you, it top of the seed inside.
How to cut mango

2. Cut mango into 3 slices, above and below the seed. Cut on cubes inside of 2 parts with flash and scoop with a spoon into a ball. The part with stone peel and cut from a seed.

How to cut mango

VIDEO How to Cut Mango

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