How to Make Decorative Frills for Turkey or A Crown Roast

Photo Rosemary Lemon baked chicken

Baked Rosemary Chicken

How to make beautiful and in same time practical and useful frills to cover turkey, chicken or a crown roast bones. Why practical? Because frills are not only for decorative purpose. When we carving bird on the fancy Holiday table looks much more pleasant, if we hold nice napkins frill instead of bone directly. Another important reason, protect our hands from the hot bone. Of course, the elegant presentation is a reason to cover up bones and keep memories of the festive meal for years!

On the photo above, Baked rosemary lemon chicken recipe

My favorite color is white for frills. However, we can try to use other colors as well.

How we use chicken frills in Russia

       I am from Russia and it very common technique to decorate birds bones, pork chops on bones, dishes with a handle like on the photo to serve hot an appetizer, again not only a decorative purpose. On the photo, dish call cocotnisa. Cocotnisa is a very common dish to serve at Russian restaurants hot appetizers. Like example, mushrooms in a sour cream sauce with cheese on top.

I suggest don’t use tape to hold together frill

In restaurants in Russia, we have strong rules how to make frills. We can’t use tape on it! The reason is very simple, the tape can get in food.

We need:

  1. Soft texture napkin
  2. Cooking foil
  3. Scissors


We can prepare frills for turkey in advance and use as need it. I am going to share easy way and it will work much better than the only napkin. I use foil to make flexible fritters or some people call turkey booties. Like an example, I show how to make frills from napkin 13’x13′

  1. Cut napkin into the half.

2. Fold the napkin in half but leave 1″ on the bottom.

N1 – make the mark from the fold, it will be the guide to make cuts.

N2 – try don’t make a pleat.

3. Make cuts and turn over, so our decor will be fluffy.

4. I use 2.5′ X 8′ foil stripe. Fold in like you can see in the photo. The foil will not appear from the right side of the fritter.

5. Foil ears left on sides fold inside. Foil not appear outside the frill, if we roll around turkey bone.

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