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How To Make Vegetable and Fruit Garnish Tool

Handmade Garnish Tool Photo

On the photo, all designs made with garnish tool from food can’s lid.

Garnish tool we can make handmade from canned food lid. This is a really great idea and works so well for me! I tested so many times. If we make the different shape of a lid, you can create different tools. We can make simple the angled knife or even a vegetable wave cutter from a food can lid. Oan example of a tool for garnishing such as my handmade waving knife, you can see on the bottom of the page.


Be very careful when you work with a new handmade garnishing tool. Protect edges with a tape or bent it.


  1. Remove the lid from a can.
How to make handmade garnish tool from a can Photo

2. Bend the lid to V shape.

Handmade food garnish tool photo

3. Cover the edges on top with tape or bind it before going to use it.

Photo. Handmade garnish tool.

1. How to Make Simple Flower with the Garnish Tool

We can make these simple flowers with handmade garnishing tool from lemon to garnish seafood, desserts, beverages and etc. For example, flowers from cucumber and carrot can decorate salads. So many more beautiful ideas we can find across the internet to use this technique.

  1. Cut notches with the garnish tool in the lemon.
Photo. How to make flower with garnish Tool step 1

2. Slice the lemon. As a result, we have simple but very pretty garnish on our dish!

Photo. How to make flower with garnish Tool step 2
Flower made with garnish tool Photo

2. How to Make Beautiful Flower With The Tool

Flower Garnish from Papaya Photo

On the photo, the flower made from papaya with the handmade garnish tool. It is a great centerpiece for fruits platter and decoration for desserts.

  1. Make the cuts around the cucumber like on the photo.
How to make beautiful flower with tool Photo

2. Our cucumber flowers are ready!

Flowers from Cucumber made with handmade tool Photo

3. For example, so beautiful and perfect combination flower from cucumber with cherry tomatoes.

Flower from Cucumber Photo

3. Wavy Vegetable Cutter Made from a Food Can Lid

Vegetables garnish made with handmade garnish tool. Photo
Eggs wave handmade garnish tool Photo

So beautiful wavy garnishes we can make with wavy knives. I have a few very nice in my kitchen but for curiosity tried to make from a can lid wave garnishing knife. It took me a few minutes make one. Every wave design on the photos I made with my handmade knife. The wavy handmade garnish knife from a can lid worked well for on a small amount vegetables.

You can shop online and buy nice one Wavy French Fry Cutter or make yourself.

Handmade Wavy Garnish Tool Photo

Comparison Vegetable Cutters on Cucumber Slices

Handmade Garnishing wavy tool Photo

Handmade Wavy Vegetable Cutter

4. Oval Shape Food Garnishing Knife

Photo Handmade garnish tool

I made carving tool round shaped and it works same as the angled tool above. I just show as an example, the beauty of flowers made with my round shaped handmade garnish tool.

On the page, Easy Strawberry Garnish Ideas you can find more details how to make the strawberry flower.

Strawberry flower. Handmade garnish tool.

Papaya flower made with Garnish tool. Photo

Papaya Flower Handmade Garnish Tool. Photo

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