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How to Prepare Beets to Eat or Cook

Beets are a very respectful vegetable and often use in Russian cuisine raw and cooked. We can use for cooking and eat row in salads the green leaves of beets as well. The beets have very rich health benefits! However, this vegetable can be restricted in some diets. If it is a new vegetable in your menu, do research if you have some health issues.

Preparation Beets for Cooking

Use gloves when working with beets, because they are very strong natural red coloring. I use inexpensive disposable gloves. They are not strong to work with but very good for working with beets and very useful in my kitchen.  

*If you don’t have gloves, use for this purpose just simply a plastic bag to cover your hands. 

Disposable gloves to clean beets photo

Clean beets very well with a brush under cold water. However, for better result soak beets in water for 15 min. Beets are root vegetables and it helps to dissolve soil. Very important clean well root vegetables! If we cook with soil left on it, beets have a taste of soil even we cook with skin on.

Preparation beets for cooking photo

Cooking beets with skin the best way to preserve vitamins. Leave approx. 2” of the stems and don’t cut bottom, so beets not going to loose valuable juice when cooking.

3 Ways to Cook Beets

Baking Beets.

Roasting Beets in the Oven Photo

The best method to preserve the flavor of beets roast and bake.

How to bake beets in the oven step by step.

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Steaming Beets.

Steam at electric steamer is very convenient and almost no preparation for this method. 45 min or so, depends on the size of beets. Without direct contact with water, we save more vitamins and nutrition. If we need to cook also carrot and potato, just place together, but leave room between them. Cleaning steamer much more easy, than pot after boiling beets. Pick with wood pick gently on top through the middle without destroying the bottom of vegetable, so it not going to loose juice.

Boiling Beets.

Place beets in boiling water (to save maximum vitamins), water must cover beets. Boil in a covered pot on medium heat for 45 minutes or more depends on the size of beets.

*Don’t use nice light color enamel pot to boil beets. Will be not easy to clean it. 

How to tell when beets are done cooking

     To check beets doneness use fork or wood skewer. Poke gently beets on top without destroying the bottom of vegetable. If skewer goes easily through, beets are ready.

 Let cooked beets cool off. Cut the top and bottom and push skin off. With well-cooked beets, a  skin comes off very easy.

How to Use Beets Greens

Beets Leaves PhotoRules to cook beet leaves same like to cook spinach. We can eat raw and cooked beets greens. I make stuffed beet leaves with meat, use in salads and soups.

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