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Photo Potato Garnish Mushroom

Mushrooms from potato

Potato Garnishes

Potato garnish is a great companion to so many dishes. We don’t need to make many potato mushrooms, just a few and it will be an impressive and very memorizable garnish for meat or paltry dishes.

1. Baked Potato Garnish Mushroom

Mushroom potatoes we don’t need to make many, just a few and it changes the appearance of the plate from casual to fancy. It will be an impressive and very memorizable garnish for meat or paltry dishes. The mushrooms are great baked potato garnish to place around chicken or for other dishes.

I cook my mushrooms with wedges same time, just keep the tops of mushrooms close to size the wedges. 

Or we can make from half of potato 2 mushrooms, just cut in half.

We need:



Fruit corer 1 inch

*Corer is a very useful tool if you like to garnish food! ⇒ Uses of Vegetable Corer in My Kitchen

  1. Cut potato in half. Insert corer inside the potato, like shown on the photo.

Photo Potato garnish mushroom step 1

2. Make a cut around in the middle.

Photo Potato garnish mushroom step 2

3. Make the top of potato mushroom same size like wedges of potatoes, so it cooks same time like wedges.

Photo Potato garnish mushroom step 3

4. We can cut in half and instead 1 mushroom, we have two.

2. Potato Garnish Waffles

Waffles from potatoes slices can be used as baked potato garnish, fried potato garnish and as an element for other dishes decor.

Potatoes Anna Photo

Potato Anna

I have 3 gadgets to make waffles. Mandolins are great for a large number of potato waffles. For a few waffles, we can use wave knife. The technique we can use for carrots, cucumber and other vegetables with the same texture.

On the photo below, Borner wave waffle slicer (I have it over 16 years) and wave knife.

Photo Waffles Decor Potato Garnish Ideas for Holiday Table


*If you want to make waffles and don’t have any of these gadgets, you can try to make from large and strong lid from a can wavy knife.

How to Make Handmade Garnish Tool

  1. Make 2 slices on the bottom of potato and another slice on the side of the potato for stability on the cutting board. We need 2 slices.

2. Place the potato like on the photo on side B and make the first slice. Turn potato and place on side A. Make another slide as much as possible close to the edge. When you make a cut, you have a waffle.

Photo Potato Garnish Ideas for Holiday Table Waffles

3. Potato Spirals

To make these potato spirals garnish we need vegetable curl cutter. On the market 2 vegetable curl cutters with one loop and two. It is so nice mashed potato garnish, baked potato garnish, and other dishes.

Photo How to Use Vegetable Curl Cutter One loop

Photo chef harveys twin curl cutter

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