Photo How to serve mango on a stick

How To Make Mango Flower and Serve On Stick Fancy Way

 The best way to eat fresh mango is on a stick, in my opinion. I have another technique on website How to prepare Mango To Eat , so it is another option to serve mango. Mango flower on a stick easy to serve with fruits, simple to garnish and no mess when peel and eat it. I saw this idea on YouTube, it is common snack on street and beaches in tropical countries. I tried and impressed! I tried small green color mangoes and green red mangoes to serve on a stick, works great. They can be serve with lime juice and spices.

I garnish the mango flower on the photo bellow with shredded coconut and dry freeze-dry strawberries sprinkles, it gives this beautiful color and slightly sour taste.

We can cover with chocolate, freeze dry strawberries sprinkles and shredded coconut.

Photo How to serve a mango on a stick in chocolate

∗Freeze-dried strawberries sold as a snack and used in baking. I just recently learned about freeze-dried strawberries and bought to try out. Great to use for garnish, if no fresh strawberries around!

Photo Garnish Mango Flower With Freezed Dry Strawberries

We need:


Stick (skewer)


Plastic plate

  • More info about plates and sticks on the bottom of the page


  1. Cut the bottom of the mango (where the fruit attached to tree) . It gives stability on the plate and will be easy to fund soft spot in seed to place the skewer.

Photo How to Serve Mango on a stick Easy way

2. Place a stick inside the seed, it usually goes deep and mango stay very stable to peel.

Photo How to serve a mango on a stick easy

3. Peel the mango.

Photo How to serve mango on a stick easy way 1

4. Attach stick in a plate.

Photo How to serve a mango on a stick with plate

5. Making a mango flower. I like to make first petals very close to top this way the mango will be more realistic look like a yellow tulip. Make small cuts and push down, so petals will open up. When I was starting from the bottom, the design looks more like a cone, cute too but I like more like flower looks.

Photo How to make a mango flower

6. Make more cuts on the top and our flower is ready for garnish!

Photo How to serve a mango

7. Place the flower in the glass and the mango ready to be served!

Photo How to serve mango flower on a stick

So nice presentation but most important convenient way to eat for guests this delicious fruit!

Photo How to serve a mango fancy on a stick at home


Video How to Make Mango Flower And Serve On a Stick For Party

Gala’s Tip

Very convenient way to slice kiwi and strawberries is to use egg slicer. Makes so even slices and speed up the process!

Photo How serve a mango fancy way

Skewers I Used To Serve A Mango Flower

1. The best I like call candy apple sticks, they right size for a mango flower.

2. Sharpened on one side wooden treat sticks works great too.

Plates I Used To Serve A Mango Flower

  1. Plastic plates what is easy to pick through. Down side when we are eating mango, they damage so easy.
  2.  Clear plastic plates from dollar store (best deal). We need to make a hole before attach skewer. Good about these plates, possible can be reusable and not damage easy. On the photo I made the opening with my templates making tool.
    Photo How to serve a mango on skewer easy way

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