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How to Serve Orange Fancy Ways

The best way to peel orange fancy way is separate the orange peel from fruit with a spoon. So we can serve fruit without cuts.


*Use a knife with some mark on a blade as a guide to control deepness of cut. I like to use handmade garnish tool from canned food lid also to make design cuts on an orange.

To learn more how to make handmade garnish tool click here ⇒ Read more

We need:

  1. Orange
  2. Knife
  3. Spoon
  4. Kitchen scissors
Tools to Make garnish from Orange. Photo

1. How to Serve Orange as a Flower

How to serve orange like a flower Photo

This way is so good solution to serve oranges and tangerines for party. Orange is almost peeled and in same time look like flowers. It is great decoration to any fruit platter. Check photos bellow.

  1. Cut petals on top where is fruit attached to tree. We can cut with handmade garnish tool or with a knife.
How to make flower from orange. Photo Step 1

2. Make cuts from top to bottom. Leave  2″ from bottom.

How to make flower from orange. Photo Step 2

3. Use spoon to separate orange skin from fruit.

How to make flower from Orange. Step 3 Photo

4. Cut bottom so orange stay stable on a plate.

How to make flower from Orange. Photo Step 4

5. Fold the petals of the flower and the orange flower is ready to serve.

How to make flower from Orange Step 5 Photo
Photo Fancy Serving Orange. Fruit Platter. Photo
Fancy Serving Tangerine. Photo

2. Another Way to Serve Orange

Orange Fancy Serving. Photo

This technique to peel orange is best to serve individually for kids or someone special in your life. The fruit is ready to eat and don’t need additional peeling like in previous technique.

  1. Separate orange in the middle with design cut.
Orange garnish. Photo

2. Separate skin from fruit with a spoon.

How to peel orange. Photo

3. Turn an orange skin like on the photo and if you feel resistance, separate peel with a spoon more. This way we peel an orange without damage a fruit.

Best way to peel orange. Photo

3. Next step depends on how you like to serve orange. To make the base of the holder, the best way to use scissors.

How to Garnish Orange Photo

We can serve as a dessert or a snack orange with other fruits and berries.

How to peel orange and fancy serve. Photo

3. How to Make an Orange Peel Flower

How to serve orange fancy way with flower. Photo.

Another very easy way to serve an orange is cut in slices. I decorated center with a flower from the peel and garnish with mint greens.

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4. How to Make Rose Flower from Orange

Orange Garnish Ideas. Photo

We can cut the orange into wedges and garnish with the beautiful rose from orange. I garnish orange plate with blueberries and mint greens.

⇒ Read more about the technique 


Orange Garnish Ideas. How to peel and Serve Oranges Fancy Way

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