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Tips How to Use Aluminum Foil in The Kitchen

Aluminum foil used for so many purposes in my kitchen like every other kitchen. We have foil always in a pantry and I am going to share with you a few foil hacks, you may find useful in your kitchen too.

1. Foil Prevents Dripping From a Pot in The Oven

Cleaning my oven is never a pleasant task after accidental food spillage. The simplest solution is to use foil. Just place foil under the pot.

2. Use Foil to Tie Plastic Bags

I saw this simple tip on the Internet a long time ago and use very often in my kitchen. Some bags come with wire ties, some don’t but I always have foil on hand.

Tie made from aluminum foil photo

3. Aluminum Foil to Tie Chicken Legs

I use aluminum foil to tie chicken legs sometimes. Very convenient and handy if don’t have on hand food ties. This way the chicken comes out presentable and nice looks.

Foil Ties Used on Chicken Photo

4. Preventing Freezer Burn

To prevent freezer burn we use aluminum foil on top of the plastic bag. It is kind of expensive way but one more option along with newspaper or wax paper and it works great as well.

5. Sharpen Scissors With Foil

This tip I don’t know how effective because use my cooking scissors for heavy jobs and hard see the difference after sharpening. However, good to have the option because I don’t have any tool to sharpen cooking scissors.

I am going to mention my experience with sewing scissors. Maybe it will be useful for someone. For great performance use sewing scissors only for fabric! Never use it for anything like plastic or paper. Newer sharpen it with anything except professional service.

My story. Someone from my family members used my sewing scissors on an unknown object, by this day nobody admitted. I immediately recognize the difference! I used professional sharpening after and nothing brings back the same performance and I end up with new scissors.

6. Fun Shapes Plates From Aluminum Foil

Fish plate made from foil photo

Cooking with aluminum foil can be fun if we make shaped plates. It is disposable and perfect for an indoor or outdoor party. Foil plates so easy to make, just need different shapes of dishes as molds, so we can keep all our plates same size. I used to make plates from standard and heavy-duty aluminum foil, both works great.

*Don’t cook directly in foil food contains acidity. Make a layer of baking paper as a barrier between.


  1. Place mold ( I used an oval plate) on a cooking foil and shape foil around the mold.

Fish plate from foil step 1 Photo

2. Roll foil around the plate.

Photo Fish plate from foil step 2

3. Shape tail and our fish is ready.

Photo Fish plate from foil step 3

4. The same way we can make other shapes.

Fish Shape from Foil Photo

I baked fish with vegetables in my foil plate and garnished with a lemon.

Fish Shape Plate from Foil Photo

More Fun Shapes of Aluminum Foil Plates

1. Plate in swan shape.

Photo Plate in Shape of Swan from foil

2. Plate in a heart shape.

Heart plate from foil photo

3. Plate from foil in shape of the sun.

Plate in shape of the sun from foil photo

4. Plate in shape of a flower.

Plate in shape of flower from foil Photo

5.  Plate from foil in shape of fish.

Fish Shapes bawls from foil

Most Aluminum Foil Boxes Have Locking Tabs For Our Convenience

 Most aluminum foil (plastic wrap) boxes have lock tabs on the sides to secure the roll in the box. This useful feature I learned just recently. It holds the foil in the place. It is a great feature to know about.

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