Russian Exotic Fish Eating Habits

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 I am sure most people in the World don’t know, Russians have eating habit very close by the danger to Japanise fugu fish. Here is my story.

The Fish on Our Kitchen

I have a friend Adina, she is a unique woman. Some women like knitting, some sewing, some cooking… She likes fishing! When she has a good day after fishing, she treats her friends with freshly caught fish. She gave our family a common carp (sasan) fish one day too. So, my fish in the kitchen and my curious husband too. My husband is an American and common carp is an exotic fish to see in the kitchen to him. He checked the Internet about this fish. Oh, well, if I see fugu in my kitchen, I would probably do the same thing. He surprises me what he found. “Real recipe here for this fish”, he said. “Take fish add salt and pepper, place on shingle and bake it. Throw away fish and eat shingle…” I can explain this is not the much promising recipe. This fish belongs to the carp family. Because it has a lot of bones, they are tiny and many. Here is a danger, because impossible to remove bones for a cook and we cook with bones.

OK, it is not bad like sounds, the meat itself is very good quality. It very soft, juicy and reach and unique taste to me. However, don’t take a chance, my advice!

Skill We Need to Eat The Fish

My mom is the person who can eat fish 3 times a day and every day. When I called her and told about shingles joke. She said, “Of course, people need to have skills how to eat this fish.” Skills? I never think to call this ability skills. Yes, she teach us how to eat bony fish, I remember. If we know the structure of fish we are eating, easy to separate it from meat. Just, a little tip, I learned from childhood and share with you. If an accident happen and bone stock at your throat, bite a large piece of bread and chewing very well and swallow it, keep trying by point it helps to remove bone from the throat. If not helping…emergency is next step. By the way, never happen with any person I know for my entire life, I mean emergency. It so casual for us, so when I spoke to my childhood friend Larysa about our memories, she said crust of bread works better than inside part of bread to remove bones and she asked, “What Americans do when they have the same problem?” She was surprised to know, most people in the USA don’t eat this fish.

Maybe you think, we eat fish from this bony family because boneless fish is not available. It is not truth. This kind of fish will be always welcome to our menu because we really like it.

I am, probably, not going to pass this skills to my Grandson when he will be older, but I am passing to him part of his Russian heritage here for sure.

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