Dish Blini is Part of Russian Culture

Russian Blini

1. Russian Holiday of Blini Maslenitsa

Bliny are one of the main featured dishes for the Russian Winter Holiday called “Butter Week” (Masleniza / Масленица). Russian blini is a thin porous pancake and is traditionally served with butter, sour cream, caviar, jam or honey. Blini are an important part of the Russian Culinary Tradition and have been so for centuries. Currently, most people use baking soda when making blini but yeast was used at old Russia. Russian people celebrate the coming of spring and do so with blini. For blini symbolizes the sun. The sun always brings people warm beautiful days, bountiful crops, happy marriages, and healthy children.

The photos were taken by my friend at actual blini celebration in Russia in 2016

There is Russian saying, “Go to mother-in-law’s house for blini”. It means if you don’t want to go to your mother- in- law’s house, you can at least look forward to the blini and it may even help improve your relationship with her. So, maybe you want to improve your relationship with someone else, you may want to make this type pancakes for this person. If it doesn’t help, why don’t you try Russian “Kyrnick” (chicken pie) picture below and express your creativity as you can see I did.

Russian Pie Russian Pie Kurnik Photo

On the photo, Kurnick made by me.

2. What is Kurnik Pirog?

       Our Russian traditional chicken pie or “Kurnik” pirog also has blini inside. Our pie has an elastic dough, unlike American-style chicken pie. It also has a few different layers of fillings placed between blini. It was a tradition wedding dish in days going by, but much fancier than my pie shown above. Centuries ago symbols on a pie were important. Pies carried the symbols representing the hope and wishes for the new family. As an example, often we see a pair of swans on “Kurnik”. Why? Because these birds represent faith, love, and commitment to each other for life.

3. We Use Blini to Make Other Dishes

Russian Pancake Pie photo

On the photo above, pie made from blini with mushrooms onion and sour cream.

We make pies from blini, rolls, blini stuffed with different fillings, make with “pripiokom” when adding other ingredients to the batter. If we have leftovers of pancakes, we make other dish or just simply freeze, stuffed blini are good for freezing too. Also, they have the ability to move by itself from the freezer, of course, with someone help. Happen to me before, I planned to use as meal, but they were gone…

Recent advances in technology, the way we make blini today has changed from the way our ancestors made it.  However, some things never change, our love for this tasty and easy to prepare a dish, what deserves to call a kiss from the Sun!

Russian Crapes photo

On the photo, blini garnish with sour cream and heart from salmon and green dill.

The photos were taken by my family at actual blini celebration in Russia in 2017

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