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Photo Russian Food and Cooking Glossary

My cooking glossary includes Russian food, cooking terms, ingredients, dishes and Russian people culinary preferences. The glossary includes photos and pronunciation dishes and ingredients in Russian too. The idea to add pronunciation of Russian words to my glossary told my American friend and I hope, it is going to interesting.  I will continue to add a new related to Russian cooking words and descriptions to my glossary.


Photo Russian Blini or Crapes

How to pronounce Russian word

Фаршированое ( Stuffed )

Farshirovanoe – stuffed vegetables, birds, meat, fish and everything that has stuffing inside. On the photo, blini farshirovanie or stuffed crapes.

Examples: Фаршированая рыба (Farshirovanaia riba) – stuffed fish. Фаршированое мясо ( Farshirovanoe miaso) – stuffed meat.

Russian Meat Stuffed Potato Recipe

Russian Style Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes Appetizer

Russian Stuffed Beet Leaves With Meat


Photo Guriev Kasha Dessert at Gala's Kitchen

How to pronounce Russian word

Gurevskaya Kasha  (Гурьевская каша)

Guriev Kashafarina porridge with fruits, nuts, and very important ingredient firm top – skins from boiling milk or cream. Most famous Russian dessert from semolina. Guriev kasha was invented by Dmitri Alexandrovich Guryev, Tsar Alexander First Minister of Finance in 1812. The dessert was first introduced to the cooking World in Paris as Russian dessert in 1814.

Photo Russian stuffed cabbage Golubzi

How to pronounce Russian word

Голубцы ( Golubzi )

Golubzi – Stuffed cabbage leaves with meat and rice and sauteed in sauce with vegetables. Serve with sour cream. Golubzi dish has also easier variation – lenivie golubzi ( Lazy golubzi). In lazy golubzi version, we add shredded cabbage to meat and rice. Another version of lazy golubzi is layers of ingredients.

Lazy Stuffed Savoy Cabbage Rolls Russian Style Holubtsi Lenivie

Photo Siberian Golubzi Recipe

Golubzi Siberian style or Siberian Golubzi – Stuffed beet leaves.

Siberian Golubzi 

Photo Grechka in Russian or Buckwheat in English

How to pronounce Russian word

Гречка ( Grechka )

Grechka buckwheat in English. Very popular in Russia grain (rich in Iron)! We serve it as a side dish for meat dishes with sauce most common way to eat buckwheat in Russia. We boil, bake and use flour from buckwheat to make pancakes. Available in Russian stores in the USA.

Russian Style Baked Chicken Drumsticks with Buckwheat

*Not every brand will impress you with good buckwheat. So if you have a variety to choose from, ask a salesperson, they know which is the best at Russian stores. Buckwheat very popular item in Russian communities.


Photo Russian bread and salt hospitality custom

The painting Wilhelm Amandus Beer Bread and salt 1874

Hleb sol ( хлеб-соль ) – Russian bread and salt hospitality custom for greeting guests. Hleb means bread, sol means salt. This tradition is hundreds of years old and we follow on official welcome ceremonies, weddings, and housewarming. Bread and salt serve by a woman in national costume on an embroidered linen towel at modern days.


How to pronounce Russian word

Холодец ( Holodetz )

Holodets (Studen) – Russian traditional Holiday beef or pork dish in aspic (jello). Most common in domestic cooking than at restaurants. Boiling meat with legs (legs makes a jelly effect in the dish) for many hours with onion and other root vegetables on low heat. Very time and labor-consuming dish. Traditionally holodets we serve with horseradish sauces or with mustard. However, I saw online some people serve with marinaded onion and garlic paste. Both great go with holodetz too to my taste.

Hren – horseradish. We use green leaves and roots. Green leaves in canning, very good with cucumbers and tomatoes. From the root, we make sauces and serve them with fish and meat dishes. We also use horseradish root in cooking.

*This word has a few other meanings in slang but I am not going to mention all on my cooking website. One is “Hren Znaet” meaning “Who Knows”. If someone doesn’t know the answer to a question, they can say “Hren Znaet”. This means some abstract “Hren” only knows the answer.


Ikra – caviar or roe of fish salted and eating as a delicacy. Caviar in Russian is ikra. Russian caviar can be black, red or yellow depends on fish. A most common way to serve in Russia caviar is bread with a thin layer of butter. Garnish with lemon and flowers from butter on the photo. Ikra (caviar) can be also called paste from mushroom or vegetable.

How to Serve Caviar Russian Style

Russian Squash Spread Recipe – Kabachkovaya Ikra

Indigirka – salad from Northen Russia. Includes raw fish, garnished with caviar.

Read more 〉 Russian Exotic Raw Fish Stroganina


Jullien – Russian mushrooms appetizer serve hot as a starter for a meal. It is served in small metal dishes called cocotniza. Jullien can be also made with seafood or poultry (wild game).

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