Easy And Fancy Way How To Serve Cold Brie Cheese On A Cheese Tray And Useful Tips

         One of my favorite cheeses is brie and I am going to share all tips I know on how to serve brie cheese fancy as an appetizer or brie as a dessert cheese. The best to garnish a brie wheel or brie cheese wedge with the food that compliments the cheese. My favorite pairing for brie cheese are pears, grapes, jams (my favorite is a homemade strawberry jam), almonds, pecans, figs, and crackers. We can also serve brie with stone fruits (pears, plums, apricots), honey, toasted nuts in honey, and much more. Creamery taste and buttery texture complement sweet sour and savory foods as well. This choice is up to your taste. The technique is so easy to follow and we can make a variety of toppings for cold brie cheese.

2 Tips to Serve Cold (not baked or melted) Brie

  1. Brie is served with rind because the rind is edible and it is great to eat together. However, some people like to cut off the rind, and the decision is up to your taste.
  2. The best taste of brie cheese is served at room temperature if we compare it to cold direct refrigerator brie. I compared side by side the taste myself of brie directly from the refrigerator and at room temperature. A change in the temperature improves the taste of brie.
  3. Cut and style brie easier when it is direct from refrigerator.

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1. How To Serve Fancy Brie With Jam For Holidays

        This idea is so easy for a cute brie wheel cheese presentation for the Holidays. This technique is great for brie with staffing or with different toppings. I am going to share my favorite way to make a brie wheel as the centerpiece of the cheese tray. This technique I saw on Instagram and it is an endless opportunity to make a centerpiece from the brie wheel! We can use different cookie cutters or just cut out the shape with a sharp knife. I prefer to use a cookie cutter because it is an easier way to make the perfect shape.

The list of ideas for brie or camembert cheese cut-offs I saw on Instagram:

  1. A leaf shape for fall and Thanksgiving. So many toppings work so well for this design. Jams, chopped dry fruits with honey, chopped nuts with honey or jam, and much more.
  2. Christmas brie wheel idea. Christmas tree – dill or green jam, bell, snowmen (chopped pecans with honey), and snowflakes.
  3. A flower or butterfly shape for summer.
  4. A heart for Valentine’s Day – red strawberry jam is the perfect pairing or just chop fresh strawberries!
  5. Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day with dill or green jam (fresh kiwi).
  6. A key shape for housewarming. The yellow color jam will be perfect for this occasion!
  7. Baby shower with a stroller.
  8. Halloween – ghost, coffin, bat.

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We Need

  1. Brie cheese wheel
  2. Cookie cutter
  3. Wire cake cutter or bread knife.
  4. Jam

We can cut brie wheels with a sharp fillet knife, bread knife, or tasteless tooth tread. A soft cheese knife is also nice to have but not everybody has it. I have a small one and for larger brie wheels it is not big enough.

How To Make

  1. Cut the wheel in half. I used a bread knife to cut the brie wheel.

*A wire cutter for a cake works great too if you have one. Make a small cut with a kitchen knife to start cutting and then the wire cutter goes easily.

2. Remove the top of the brie wheel and make the cut out by using the cookie cutter.

*I used paper from cheese to make the cutout, so I don’t have to do an extra clean cutting board.

You can also make a cutout design on paper, place it on the top of the rind and make cut it around with a very sharp knife. Make sure the design is simple, so you don’t have to cut so many details.

3. Spread a small amount of the jam on the bottom of the brie wheel.

4. Place the top with a cutout on the bottom of the brie wheel.

No matter how you choose to serve brie cheese, it is sure to be a hit at your next party. So get creative!

If you don’t have a heart cookie cutter for Valentina’s Day or just express your love to someone special, make one! In just two steps we can make a heart shape from a plastic bottle. Check the link below.

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2. How To Style Brie Cheese With Pear Slices

       Pears and brie are so a perfect combination! I sliced red and green colors pears and lay between brie cheese wedges. In the middle, I roll salami slices in the shape of flowers. I actually didn’t plan to make photos and style my brie for my family but when I see my plate I want to share it on my website!

We Need

Cheese brie

Red and green pears

Salami ( Optional )

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