Russian Style Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes Appetizer Recipe

       This cheese stuffed tomatoes appetizer recipe very common in Russia. When I was leaving at Russian we serve mozzarella stuffed tomatoes mostly at summertime when varieties tomatoes available. These days different tomatoes available all year round on the market, so we can enjoy this easy to make and impressive appetizer even in winter time. Of course, the best tomatoes fresh from the garden, flavorful and delicious!

How To Garnish Stuffed Tomatoes Appetizer

      Most common and easy garnish for this mozzarella stuffed tomatoes is parsley like I show on the main photo above. Another idea we can make tomatoes in the shape of small baskets from tomatoes. My tomatoes are small and most what I can place in my basket is parsley leaf. This idea, in my opinion so cute to involving kids to make this dish.

Baskets From Tomatoes

      Fly agaric mushrooms tomatoes so cute and easy to make. The dots I made with sour cream because it stays very well on the surface.

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Fly agaric mushrooms tomatoes

Recipe Mozzarella Stuffed Tomatoes


20 tomatoes (small size)

7 oz (200g) mozzarella cheese

2 hard-boiled eggs

2 tablespoon mayonnaise

2 cloves of garlic


Black pepper

Parsley for garnish

Photo Stuffed tomatoes ingredients

        The stuffing for tomatoes we can make a day before but tomatoes need to be stuff same day of serving.

Cooking Direction:

How Do You Hollow Out Tomatoes For Stuffing?

  1. Cut the top of the tomato, where is vegetable attached to the branch. Hollow the tomato with a spoon or other tools you have. Personally, I suggest a melon baller for this task.

The best tool I ever to hollow tomatoes with, especially small tomatoes is a melon baller. We can use a spoon as well but a spoon doesn’t have sharp sides and doesn’t work well as a melon baller.

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2. Remove the spot with a knife, I used 0.5″ corer. We going to use this opening to stick parsley leaves.

0.5″ corer to make a nice round shape is absolutely not a necessary tool but I used it to show the possibility this kitchen tool.

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3. To remove extra liquid from tomatoes, spice the tomatoes with salt. This step is optional. Depends how juicy your tomatoes.

* I like to drain slightly juice out of tomatoes before stuff it. 2 reasons to do it. First, it is flavor tomatoes by itself with salt. Second, our stuffing won’t swim in the tomato when we ready to serve it.

4. Leave tomatoes to dry off the liquid for 10-15 minutes. Cover and chill it before stuffing.

*Use anything to elevate tomatoes above paper towel. I use a cooling rack on the photo 1 and skewers on photo 2.

I use a cooling rack on the photo

I use skewers on the photo

Don’t throw away inside from tomatoes, use for sauces, in soups or, just freeze and use in the future.

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How To Stuff Tomatoes

5. Shred cheese on small size shredder. Looks like a lot of cheese but when you add mayonnaise, it is going look much less.

6. Shred eggs.

7. Add minced garlic.

I use my favorite OXO garlic press. If you on a market to buy a garlic press, read more about ⇒ My Favorite Garlic Gadgets

8. Add mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix well. Cover and chill before filling the tomatoes.

*Optional add chopped parsley leaves for stuffing. Adds flavor and color.

Fill each tomato and serve. If you have curly lettuce, cover plate with lettuce. Stuffed tomatoes so pretty on a lettuce-lined plate.


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