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How To Make Pinwheel And Star Shape Toasted Bread Cups

Pinwheel toast design

Easy-make cute pinwheel (star) toast cups are perfect for festive breakfast or fun toast for kids. We just need to make this creative toast a slice of bread and a knife. We can make them out of white sandwich bread or dark bread. Toast can be served as is or with our favorite toppings. I used my photo toppings cream cheese with salmon rose and cream cheese with cucumber rose for a fun twist. However, to make tasty toast we can just brush it with butter and it will be delicious as is.

⇓ In the photo below I serve whole wheat bread pinwheel cups with cream crease and salmon toppings. Garnished with lemon slices, greens, and capers. ⇓

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How To Make Pinwheel From Slice Of Bread:

We can make our creative toast from different bread slices as long they are in square shape.

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  1. Make 4 cuts at the angle as I show in the photo.

2. Tuck each pointed end into the next cut.

3. Toast in the toaster oven and our pinwheel cup is ready to serve as is or add toppings.

4. If you like your toast to look more like a star, make cuts closer to the center as I show in the photo on the right. This toast the best served as is because it has not much space in the center for the toppings.

5. These 2 toasts are made with the same technique but look more like a star. Really great technique to make star toast without a cookie cutter.

The star toast also looks to me like a ninja star knife. So, it can be served in the Ninja party theme. Ninja star toast will be so cool to serve at breakfast for kids who love ninjas.

*The toast shape also reminds me of the Celtic Knot shape, so we can call the technique Celtic knot toast.

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Make these quick and easy star toast cups for breakfast. They will be the hit of the day for the family and friends!

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Video How To Make Pinwheel Toast Cups

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