How To Make Heart Shaped Toast Without Cookie Cutter

          To make heart toast without a cookie cutter is so easy! Simply shape half of the bread slice into the heart and fun toast is ready. I saw this technique on Pinterest and like the simplicity. Just with a little practice, you’ll be able to make perfect heart-shaped toast every time without a cookie cutter. Important the shape of the bread slice which we choose. The best slice of bread is with sharp corners. Try this technique and with your creativity, you can have a heart toast to serve for kids, for Valentine’s Day, and impress someone special!

*You can make in 2 easy steps a perfect shape heart cookie cutter out of plastic bottles. 5 Easy DIY Cookie Cutter Ideas Out Of Plastic Bottle

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Heart Toast Direction:

  1. We need a square-shaped bread slice, a knife, and a wooden skewer. Cut the slice of bread in half diagonally.

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2. With 2 hands fold the corners of the triangle towards the middle, as I show in the photo.

3. Place the heart on the skewer to hold the shape. Adjust the heart for the best looks before place in a toaster oven.

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4. Make a heart toast in a toaster oven or skillet. Remove the skewer.

Serve heart shaped toast as is or top with your favorite toppings. Get creative and add love to your breakfast to impress someone special!

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