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I am trying Beignets the first time in my life. September 2017

Welcome to the little world of my passion lifelong – cooking. My name is Gala, I am originally from Russia, but my home is the USA now. I am a wife, mom, and grandmother. I love to cook, decorate dishes, and learn new techniques and recipes. My cooking site is like my personal cooking notebook of recipes, tips, and cooking experience collected from family, friends, coworkers, chefs, books, and of course, Mr. Internet. I really love what I am doing.

My little story is a reflection of my passion. I wanted to be a chef but my parents were against it so I attended and graduated from University, I never like what  I was studying,  it was what I needed to do. Many years after I attended anyway to the College of Technology and Marketing in the college city of Krasnodar, Russia, and study the technology of food preparation for 1.5 years and left for the USA, so can’t able to continue my education. Did I  work as a cook? Yes, for almost one year just before going to the USA and on 2 other occasions. In the picture at Anapa, I instead of vacation took this job for 1 month and liked it very much. What I learned, is to work as a cook is very hard work, if you cook for many people or just for a few at a small restaurant. It is not only cooking, but they also need to organize time and order of process, so dishes serve in time. Big respect to all cooks and chefs in the world!

I hope, you are going on a culinary journey with me and helping me with your advice, opinion, and of course, recipes.

Sincerely, your Gala

* My other passion was sewing and machine embroidery ( my embroidery machine is Janome).

**Most of my animated characters in videos are my personal home helpers  –  appliances and gadgets. To decorate my videos with animation and effects I use programs CrazyTalk7, Animation CrazyTalk3, Explandio, and VideoScribe. To keep up with my website I need to learn a lot not related to cooking knowledge. Like website SEO optimization, the usability of the website, and much much more. What sometimes so confuse me with complications and takes me away from cooking for a while.

***I cookbook collector and love to try new cooking gadgets which make my life easier and cooking less complicated if I like one, I featured it on my website. I can say I gadgets collector, I really have a lot :) One of my favorite cooking appliances brand is Breville. I have a coffee maker for Nespresso coffee capsules, a juicer, a mixer, shredder, and a toaster oven.

In the photo below my cooking books library.

Photo My Cooking Books Gala in the kitchen Photo

My cooking books

Russian Seledka HerringRecommended ⇒ Russian Cooking Glossary With Photos and Pronunciations Words. Learn More About Russian Cuisine! 

Krasnodar and Anapa Russia

Recommended ⇒ Photo How to decorate paper plates with napkins FlowerMore Ideas How To Decorate Table With Paper Napkins For Party

Culinary Show of Professional School 75 at Krasnodar 2001

On the photos one of my teacher from Professional School 75 and show of students work on mane street Krasnyia at Krasnodar, Russia at 2001. I completed 3 months cooking classes there.


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2 replies
  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    You and I have lots in common Gala! I’ve also collected cookbooks for years and years and always have been passionate about food. I’m so glad we “met” online and look forward to sharing recipes and learning much more about garnishes from you!!!

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Jeanette, thank you so much for your kind words to me! When I read on your website about cookbooks, I had the same feelings! I remember you said, you read cookbooks before going to sleep as a literacy. I am the same! It is relaxing me so much! I had collection of cookbooks in Russia and they came with us to the USA and now I have much more cookbooks in both languages. I really love to cook and always like easy garnish ideas. Now I have the opportunity to share with the World my passion on my website! I am looking forward to learning more from you too. First on my list to try your African chicken recipe with habanero pepper and preserved lemons. I really like the content you sharing on your website!


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