Easy Food Garnish Ideas

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         I am very passionate about food garnish and food decor. In my opinion, the food presentation is very important for how we experience our meal. I am going to share with you so many fruit and vegetable garnishes ideas with photos and much more about food decor and presentation. Food garnishing is not just decoration for our dish presentation, in my opinion. As a result, this beautiful touch can add a message with a tasty dish to our loved ones and will be a good conversation piece at the table. Some quick and easy fruit garnishes can be fun to make with kids. For example, check cute and easy bunny garnishes idea.

        All my garnish techniques have an example of garnishes, step by step photos, and food presentation examples. I keep updating my pages and my list of garnishes growing. When I see some new interesting garnish technique, I add it to my collection. I want to share so many ideas but it takes time to make a page and photos.

       I am sure, soon you put some of these garnish techniques to use because it is easy and if I can do it, you can do it too!

Food Garnishing Tools Instructions With Photos

Photo Avocado heart garnish@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo How to Make a Watermelon Fruit Basket@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Heart design on toasted bread@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Spiral Strawberry Margarita Cocktail Garnish@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Gin Tonic Cucumber garnish@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Heart strawberry garnish ideasGalainthekitchen.com
Photo Margarita Garnish Cactus Kiwi@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Halloween Jack O Lantern Pepper@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo How to garnish drinks with orange@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Flower raspberry garnish idea for cake@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Rose Peach Garnish Idea With Blueberries@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Pepper garnish ideas image
Photo From Chinese Cabbage Napa@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Easy Celery Garnish Ideas Small@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Deviled eggs carriages for baby shower@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Potato Mushroom Garnish for Baked Potato photoGalainthekitchen.com
Photo Frills for Turkey
Photo Strawberry flower garnish@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Cucumber flower from garnish food Photo
Photo Sauce Dish from Lemon with Tartar Sauce@Galainthekitchen.com
Photo Parmesan Cheese Garnish
Small Fish Shape photo
Photo How to garnish with sour cream@Galainthekitchen.com

I Made This Comics Base On My Real Family Story

        My grandson was 2 years old when he surprised me. He learned how to water my tiny garden when visiting us. One day, I was babysitting him and want to surprise him. To make a healthy snack beautiful, I peel the apple and made apple peel rose, you can see in the photo below. He looked on my fancy plate and ask me for water. I thought he is thirsty but he took my glass of water and pour on top my flower from apple peel. I was really impressed! He learned very well how to take care of flowers. We built memory together and when he will be older I tell him this fun story!

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 1

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 2

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 3

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 4

Photo Food Garnish Comics Page 5

         Food garnish comics made in www.pixton.com

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