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          Soup recipes I posted on this page mostly Russian and soup I really like. The taste depends not only on a recipe, very important to use the best taste ingredients and fresh as possible. My recipes have step by step photos, directions, and tips. Some recipes have videos. I cook so many years and know, a simple tip can improve so much recipe. For example, to make a flavorful fish broth onion and carrot better to toast before adding to water to make a broth. I keep continuing by adding more great soup recipes!

Okroshka Recipe Or Russian Cold Summer Soup With Kefir

Russian traditional cold summer soup recipe okroshka with kefir and mineral water.

Norwegian Cauliflower Soup From Chef Ani

Great cauliflower soup without cream! Give a try this simple and delicious recipe with step by step photos.

Easy Vegetarian Borscht Recipe

Vegetarian beetroot soup borscht.

Soups Making Tips

1. Why We Need Saute Vegetables For Soups?

          Some people don’t saute onion and carrot before adding to soups. It up to personal taste preferences. I just going to share what I learned a long time ago. I found a detailed explanation in my Russian textbook for cooks and try my best to translate why better to saute root vegetables before adding to soups. If we saute root vegetables in oil (fat) before adding to soup, flavors hold in oil and not steaming away. By sauteing onion we reduce harsh taste (amount of disulfides) in the vegetable. Tomato paste and carrots better saute in oil (fat) before adding to the soup too. Lycopene (red color of tomato paste) and carotene absorbed in oil and make soup’s liquid pretty. Important to saute carrot before adding to soup for another reason, this simple step helps transition carotin to vitamin A.

2. How To Add Salt To Soups

          Just a simple tip about salt. Add salt but give time before taste the soup for salt. If we taste soup immediately after we added salt, some salt maybe not completely dissolve and this way easy oversalt soup.

3. Don’t Let Soup Boil Rapidly

          The soup should be cook on slow or moderate boiling. If we let the soup boil rapidly, flavors evaporate very fast and soup will be much lower quality.

4. What Important To Know When We Make Soups With Acids

          When we make soup with tomato paste, pickles or other ingredients with high contains acid, the best way at first cook potatoes and after add ingredients with acid. This is important because acid slows down the cooking process of potatoes.

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