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Okroshka Recipe Or Russian Cold Summer Soup With Kefir And Mineral Water

        Okroshka ( окрошка ) is the most popular Russian cold summer soups. We have so many recipes for okroshka! The okroshka recipe is a modern restaurant version and not include boiled potatoes. What makes this recipe less in calories. What is Russian soup okroshka?  Traditionally okroshka chopped cold vegetables like reddish, green onion, boiled potatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, other seasonal greens with kvas and cooked meat, or without meat. Kvas is a fermented beverage that takes time to make and can be tricky. In the recipe, I use instead of kvas kefir and carbonated mineral water what in my opinion good substitute for kvas. This recipe is easy to make for everyone because of all ingredients available in most places. You can try to make a part of our culinary heritage yourself. Okroshka soup we serve on hot summer days, very refreshing and light meal. This soup is a very common dish in Russian family’s menu in the summertime.

*Check out the serving idea on the bottom of the page. I saw it online at one of the Russian restaurants and like it because it is very interesting and practical at the same time.

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1 cucumber

8 radishes

4 eggs

150 g meat

30 g green onion

10 g green dill

2 teaspoon mustard

160 g carbonated mineral water

400 ml cold kefir ( can be very low fat )

Salt and Pepper to taste

I use chicken breast meat. We can use boiled beef, lean pork, ham or beef tongue.

Photo Okroshka recipe Russian cold summer soup

Cooking Direction:

  1. Dice meat.

2. Separate egg’s whites from yorks. Dice eggs whites.

Yorks we are going to use to make a sauce.

3. Dice cucumbers.

Cucumber for the best result peeled and deseed, especially for store-bought cucumbers. The reason is slight bitterness in the skin and in seeds.

Photo Okroshka Recipe 4

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4. Dice radish.

5. Chop green onion. Add salt and soften the onion.

You can skip this step if the green onion is very soft. For example, if we use chives.

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6. Chop dill. Add salt to chopped dill and keep chopping by point dill release a juice and combine well with salt.

For the best result use sea salt.

7. All ingredients are ready. We need to make the sauce.

Photo Russian cold soup recipe

8. Mix with spoon egg yolks and mustard to a smooth consistency. Add dill and mix very well. Add water and whisk the sauce. The sauce should be very smooth with pieces of dill and slightly oversalted on taste. Thickened sauce with water will be easy to incorporate with kefir.

I don’t use a mixer because I like small pieces dill in okroshka.

9. Add cold kefir to the okroshka sauce.

10. Combine all ingredients together and add the sauce. Add a few ice cubes and serve.

Garnish with a slice of hard-boiled egg or radish and enjoy!



Russian Soup Okroshka Video Recipe

How To Garnish Russian Okroshka

Photo Okroshka recipe Russian cold soup

         Super simple garnish for okroshka soup is radish slices. So, bright and not much effort to do. Another easy option a slice of boiled egg on the top makes a great garnish too. To make a flower from egg slice I used a cookie cutter. So cute the center is yellow and petals are white.

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Tips How To Serve Russian Okroshka


         For the best result keep all prepared ingredients separate if you going to serve the next day. When ready to serve just mix them together. Add carbonated mineral water at the last moment. It gives the effect of our fermented beverage kvas, which is traditionally served with okroshka.

         If you pack for someone or yourself lunch, mix all vegetables and egg whites but the liquid keep in a separate container and add when serving.

If you have left okroshka already mixed from the meal, don’t worry! Keep it in the refrigerator and eat the next day.

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How To Serve Okroshka Fancy Like At Restaurant


         This method to serve okroshka I like because it is a nice presentation but at the same time practical and fun. We can serve vegetables under dessert glass and uncover when ready to eat and add liquid. If we serve soup in advance, vegetables will be covered and won’t dry out. Also, it gives us more options to garnish the soup. I add slices inside the glass simple and cute as you can see.


     1. Feel out the glass with vegetables.


    2. Cover the glass with the plate.


    3. Hold the glass and plate tight together and turn upside down.


Photo Food Humor Okroshka

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      I glad you like the recipe, Olia! I like okroshka with kvas and sour cream instead of kefir and mineral water. Sometimes I add potatoes just a little. Instead of chicken, I used different meats. So many variations of this soup.


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