2 Cute And Simple Cheesecake Decoration Ideas With Fresh Fruits

      Cheesecake is one of my family’s favorite desserts and the best simple cheesecake garnish is fruits and berries. I am going to share a few ideas with you on how to decorate cheesecake easily. Of course, we can use these ideas to decorate any cake if you looking for fruit and berries cake decoration. You can find so many ideas on my website to make garnishes from fruits and berries, check out!

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1. How To Garnish Cheesecake With Flowers Made Out Of Blueberries and Sliced Almonds Idea

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      The cheesecake in the photo above I garnished with sliced almonds and blueberries. The best decor for blueberry cheesecake! I decorate my cheesecake with very simple flowers from almonds and blueberries and leaves made out of fresh mint. No direction is needed because it is so simple! For my flowers below I used instead of sliced almonds whole peeled almonds.

I have on the photo, the perfect shape and completely removed the dark brown skin from the almonds and it is easy if you know how to do it. Almonds should be raw for peeling! If you never peel almonds, I suggest checking the direction on the link below where I explain step-by-step how to peel almonds.

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2. Cheesecake Garnished With Braspberries Or Blueberries With Raspberries Idea

      Braspberries are the trend of the modern Internet world! The braspberry is simply raspberries stuffed with blueberries. So clever idea! I add for a few sliced almonds and fresh mint leaves to my flowers. Very cute and very easy garnish for cheesecake or other desserts!

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