3 Garnish Technique Ideas From Beetroot That Will Wow Your Guests

Flower from Beets

Rose from Beets

       Beets are great to garnish salads including beetroot or serve just beets themselves with sauce (check the serving idea on the page from the fine restaurant). Very bright and attractive decor for a Holiday table. My favorite garnish is a rose from beet. Easy to make and very impressive beetroot garnish! Garnish from beets is not common in the cooking world because beets color other ingredients so easily. I like to add the beetroot garnish first to the dish and then I am adding another decor, for example, greens. Most of the salads with beet decoration on the top needs to be added as close as possible to the event. Check out my how to make food decor from beets ideas!

Fancy Beets Garnish On The Page:

  1. Rose from beetroot.
  2. Flower from beet peel.
  3. How to cut fancy beets with a crinkle knife.

*If you work with beets remember to use gloves. Especially, if you make garnish from beets.

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1. Rose From Beetroot Garnish Idea

Photo Flower From Beet Garnish

      The rose from the beet is so a pretty garnish and it is one of my favorite food decors! I am going to show how I make it for the salad from beets and garlic. We can use this technique how to make the beetroot rose to decorate other salads with beets too. I made this rose garnish so often when was living in Russia, we like to garnish food and use beetroot in many dishes, especially for Holidays!

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We Need

  1. 1/2 cooked beet
  2. Knife
  3. Cutting board

How To Make

  1. Cut beet in half. Slice as thin as possible.

2. Make a cavity in the salad.

3. Use 4 larger slices and place in the cavity in the salad. Each petal place under next one and adjust so it looks like petals.

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4. Spread the slices like on the photo. Start rolling slices together from small one towards the large one. Roll all slices together as tight as possible.

5. Place rolled slices in the middle. Spread slightly, so it looks like rose’s petals. Push the salad gently under the flower, so the bottom petals will up, so our rose looks like the real flower.

The flower bland in with the red beet salad and we need contrasting color. I use cheese what includes in the salad but it can be greens as well. If you make beet salad for the event, very important add greens and cheese at the last hour before serve. The beet rose we can make many hours in advance and cover the salad with the rose on it with plastic wrap.

Photo Flower From Beet Garnish

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2. Flower From Beet Peel Garnish

Photo Flower from Beets

     The flower from beet peel garnish is an easier technique than a previous rose from beets. I saw on Instagram this technique is used in some upscale Russian restaurants to serve beets in the sauce. Very impressive presentation, check the photo below! The sauce is cream in color and bright red rose so impressive on it and on the top a few flakes of edible gold foil. The same chef has also a similar presentation of beetroot, smoked herring, and sour cream. The idea is great to serve as an appetizer or entry salad. The rose is made out of a fine ribbon. To make a fine ribbon from the beets the chef uses a spiralizer. To make my rose I use a pairing knife and it is a very pretty garnish too. Take a look!


Ingredients baked beetroot, ousters, and cedar milk.

     *In the photo below I use the same technique to make the flower. I cut the top of the ribbon with a crinkle knife on the top for a wavy effect.

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We Need

  1. Cooked beet
  2. Pairing knife

How To Make

  1. Cut the bottom but not completely off and keep peeling around a thin ribbon.

2. Roll ribbon in the shape of a spiral and it makes the beautiful flower.

Photo Flower from Beets

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3. How To Cut Beets Fancy

      This garnish is how to cut fancy beets for salads or just serve as is. Zigzag designed beets wedges or slices look nice and it is not only the reason to try this method to serve beets. The wavy beets surface holds much better dressing on the vegetable. To cut beets with waves we need a special tool call crinkle cutter or wavy knife. If you don’t have one you can try to make one. I tried to make one from a lid of the can from canned food. As you can see from the photo below, it can be good for a simple cutting job.

Crinkle cutter is a knife-like garnish tool with a zigzag-shaped blade.

Handmade Wavy Garnish Tool Photo

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We Need

  1. Cooked beet
  2. Crinkle cutter
  3. Cutting board

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How To Make

  1. Use crinkle knife as chef knife to cut beets,

Photo Beets Garnish Idea

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