My Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine Review And 15 Useful Tips

       My Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine by Breville with frother is the best capsule coffee machine I have ever owned! In my Veruo Plus machine review, I am going to share with you what is useful to know if you want to learn more about this machine. If you already have this coffee machine, my tips might be useful too. It is not sponsored post, I just really like my machine. I had Tassimo and Keurig coffee pod machines in the past but the coffee from my Nespresso is much much better and I will explain why I say so. The quality and flavors of Nespresso coffee can easily compete with coffee from Starbucks! Delicious premium coffee with crema on the top because of the Nespresso machine brew technology and a fast heat up compared to my previous coffee machines.

      I love the simplicity to create my delicious morning cup of coffee with my capsules machine and don’t have to clean the glass carafe and filter as I have to do with my other coffee machine. The process is simply inserting the capsule, pressing two buttons closing the lid, and starting brewing. The VertuoPlus machine has an automatic capsule ejection and storage making the Vertuo easy to use compared to the previous capsule machines I had. I am going to share tips and information important to know if you are going to have or already have Nespresso Vertuo plus coffee machine.

      The downside is the cost of capsules, most capsules are $1 and up each. However, premium coffee at Starbucks is much more expensive and this coffee is very good quality. In my family, I only drink coffee every day and it is affordable for our budget.

*I choose my Nespresso Vertuo Plus by Breville with Frother because it has good reviews. So many different Vertuo Plus machines by different companies on the market, some look the same but are from different companies and have different reviews! Another reason is I like Breville products. I have a kitchen mixer by Breville and very happy with it for over 9 years now. I recently purchased 3X bluicer BJB615 by Breville ( combo juicer and blender) and the SmartOven by Breville toaster oven I am happy with my purchase too.

On the page:

  1. What coffee we can make with Vertuo Plus Nespresso?
  2. How do recycle capsules Nespresso coffee machine?
  3. What size we can make with Vertuo Plus Nespresso Coffee Machine?
  4. What does Nespresso intensity coffee mean?
  5. How to make coffee with Vertuo Plus coffee machine.
  6. What is the caffeine content in Nespresso coffee pods?
  7. Where to buy Nespresso capsules in the USA locally and online? (my experience)
  8. Why did I like to choose the machine with a movable water tank?
  9. How I organized my Nespresso coffee pods.
  10. What do we need to do before using the coffee machine for the first time?
  11. How to use Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine?
  12. How I use my Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother? (my mistake with the lid!)
  13. Nespresso machine warranty from
  14. What I did when I had my first troubleshooting. (Easy solution)
  15. Nespresso coffee machine descaling tips (Read if you have never done this before!)
  16. Nespresso Vertuo refill hack and adapter for original pods (My personal Opinion)
  17. Which Coffee Machine is Better Vertuo Or Original? My comparison and opinion (I have both coffee machines)

*$40 off discount code (+glass dispenser) at on the bottom of the page.

What Coffee We Can Make With Vertuo Plus Nespresso Coffee Machine?

        I like latte, cappuccino, and Iced coffee myself, sometimes coffee as is with crema on the top. To my taste, I like mild coffee with less acidity. Personally, I am not a fan of the flavorful Nespresso coffee capsules I tried. I tried caramel coffee, vanilla flavorful, and chocolate fudge capsules. To my taste much better to add flavors to not flavorful coffee myself and enjoy it. However, I need to mention in Nespresso flavored coffees are made with 100% naturally occurring flavorings and extracts, they don’t contain sugars or preservatives, and no allergens, according to

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Tip 1

Nespresso coffee capsules have a detailed description level of roastiness, bitterness, acidity, and body on Just click to read more info and you see much more info about the coffee capsule. I didn’t know this when I placed my first order.

How Do Recycle Capsules Nespresso Coffee Machine?

      I request the recycling bag when placing my order on We can return to recycle used Nespresso coffee pods without cleaning them and at no cost to us! I help recycle my coffee pods by dropping them off at my local UPC my Nespresso recycling bag. At our local UPS shop, I just leave my prepaid bag on the counter and I don’t have to stay in line to drop off the bag. My Nespresso shipping bag is provided by in the photos below.

      The recycling bag has a prepaid shipping label and I just need to seal it when ready and drop it off at the nearest UPS location. We can request more than one bag, depending on how many we need.

        Nespresso recycling bag capacity is 100 vertuo caps and 200 original caps. I have both machines and I can use the same recycling bag for both capsules.

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Tip 2

   Sometimes is out of recycling bags, so when I order bags I order one extra to make sure I have always recycling bags to collect used capsules. Nespresso offers more options for coffee capsule recycling drop-offs, check for more details on Options depend on where we live.

What Coffee Size We Can Make With Vertuo Plus Nespresso Coffee Machine?

        My coffee Nespresso VertuoLine machine makes 4 sizes of coffee. For each size, we need a different capsule. Each capsule has a bar code on the top and the machine makes the size according to the code. Each size has different coffee, so if I like a coffee capsule I can’t able to buy it in different sizes.

The smaller size is expresso 40 ml (1.35 oz). I made a 40ml size for the first time it was not much coffee at all! However, I am not an expresso fan. I am just sharing what I feel:)

The second size is double expresso 80 ml (2.7 oz)

The third size is Gran Lungo 150 ml (5.07 oz)

The fourth size is 230 ml (7.77 oz)

*VertuoLine Next Models coffee machines have the option to make carafe size 535 ml or 18 fl oz, so this feature is important for you to make sure you choose the right machine.

Tip 3

       Can we make more coffee than the capsule was designed for? Yes, we can make more coffee out of the same capsule. Just repeat the cycle and stop brewing at any moment. Keep in mind, that coffee will be not strong and flavorful as should be. I personally often use this option to make more coffee out of the same capsule expresso size for iced coffee.

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What Does Nespresso Intensity Coffee Means?

The intensity of the coffee scale means bitterness, body, and flavor. Then higher number than stronger flavor and bitterness. The intensity is not related to the amount of caffeine in the Nespresso coffee capsules. All Nespresso coffees are relatively low in physical acidity.

How Many Calories In Vertuo Nespresso Coffee Pod?

Vertuo cup of coffee contains 2-5 calories per cup, it is for unsweetened pure coffee.

Tip 4

If coffee is not hot enough for you, heat up the cup and descale the machine helps too according to the manual of the machine.

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What Is The Caffeine Content In Nespresso Coffee Pods?

        According to the caffeine content in Nespresso coffee pods is within the range of 50-100 mg per cup. This includes Original Espressos and Espresso Lungos, and Vertuo Espressos, Gran Lungos, and Double Espressos. Based on their Robusta content, the following are exceptions: Vertuo Espresso Diavolitto contains 150 mg of caffeine, and Original Kazaar and Professional Ristretto Intenso contain 120 mg per cup. All Vertuo coffees (7.77 oz.) have a range of 170-200 mg per cup. As coffee is a “live” product, caffeine content may vary, and so they are only able to provide a range of caffeine (with exceptions as above) in order to be as accurate as possible.

       Nespresso also offers coffee capsules decaffeinated (decaffeinato) coffee capsules. Decaffeinated capsules have a red ring around and it is easy to recognize from the bunch if we keep the capsules in a holder. Also, Nespresso has a Half Caffenato capsule with a reduced amount of caffeine in a coffee.

Tip 5

Are you looking for coffee capsules with more caffeine? offers Stormio Boost and Melozio Boost coffee with extra caffeine in the vertuo capsules.

Where To Buy Nespresso Coffee Capsules In The USA Locally And Online?

Photo where to buy nespresso

        I buy my Vertuo Machine Capsules at 4 places online and locally and going to share what I learned.


          Most of my Nespresso coffee capsules are from because it is the cheapest way to buy fresh Nespresso vertuo pods online. They offer free shipping after a $35 purchase. So, every time I order 3-4 sleeves, I get 2 capsules free (photo of samples below). I also check promotions on the website and from email subscriptions from time to time and we can get a better deal, especially before the Holidays. For example, I signed my phone for text message promotions and got $10 off for my next order and it is a great deal on Nespresso pods. provide a free bag for recycling capsules, as I mentioned before. We don’t have to clean capsules, just place them in the bag, and when the bag is full drop them off at any UPS location.


        We can buy Starbucks Nespresso pods at Walmart. I was looking to where can I buy Nespresso pods in the store locally and found them at our neighborhood Walmart, so convenient.


       “Bath Bath And Beyond” local store or the online option. Our local store where I can buy Nespresso espresso pods from Starbucks coffee but not offered a large variety to choose from as they have on the website.  Prices on The Beth Bath And Beyond store are compatible but the 20% coupon does not work for Nespresso Vertuo capsules, keep this in mind. I tried:)



       Of course, in my list! They have compatible prices and actually, some were shipped to me directly from the Nespresso company.  The reason I bought it on Amazon is the Nespresso site was out of the coffee pods I was looking for.

Tips 6, 7

6. Ask about the expiration day when buying your coffee capsules from individuals! I learned some sellers online sell expired coffee capsules.

7. Check out the coffee boutiques you may be lucky to have local coffee in your city, the addresses you can find on

Why Do I Like Nespreso Machine With Movable Water Tank?

       I chose the model with a movable water tank, so my machine has adjustable water tank placement. I can place my water tank in 3 positions depending on my preference. Some models look the same in the photo if you shop online but the tank is located behind the coffee machine and we can’t change the length of the machine if need it. If we the placement water tank on the side the machine takes up less space on the counter in length.

Tip 8

      Make sure when you move the water tank adjust the cord to your needs and convenience to use. As you can see in my photo cord can be placed in 2 positions.

How I Organized My Nespresso Vertuo Pods With Holder


        I organized my Nespresso pods with the vertuoline coffee capsule holder you see in the photo above. I bought it on Amazon and am very happy with the performance and especially the price! The price is probably the cheapest I can find on the market. My Nespresso vertuo coffee pod storage is made out of plastic and has a metal rod it is best for my needs. The holder is easy to assemble, sturdy, and spins easily.

       I was shopping for some time before making my decision. I was looking for a coffee pod organizer where I can place a variety of different pads and have access easy to every capsule I placed there. Another reason attractive look is because my Everie rotary coffee pod capsule holder looks like a Christmas tree to me and makes me good mood every morning! I rotate my coffee capsule organizer to make a decision on which coffee I like this morning and each of the 40 capsules I can easily see and access. It holds 40 capsules at a time but if I have to I can place a few additional pods on the top. The other pods I keep in sleeves in my cabinet.

*In the photo above you can see some of the coffee pods I placed in a plastic container. I learned with storage in the container we can easily bend the bottom of the capsule because it is very fragile. 

Tip 9

       My best advice about Nespresso pod organizing is to choose the organizer where you can easily access any pod in the organizer and if you have many different pods easy access to any. In some organizers, pods stay in line, and to get to the fifth one, for example, we need to remove 4 previous pods. With time I have many different pods because not my favorite pods rotate not fast as my favorites in the organizer. However, depending on my mood, I use now favorite ones because see them easily and I have always a good selection for my guest to choose from.

First Time Use The Coffee Machine

When we start with the new machine we need to rinse the system first. Fill the tank with water. Turn on the machine by pushing the button on the top. Close the top of the machine and place a large enough container under the spout. The container should be 12.5 oz or larger. Press the top button 3 times. We start can making coffee after we have done rinsing the machine.

How To Use Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine?

  1. The Nespresso machine has an automatic opening system. To open the lid we need slightly press the level up.

Photo Open the lid

Tip 10

       I suggest filling up the tank without removing it from the machine. Open the lid and pour water into the tank intact with the machine. The reason is the rubber O-ring gasket on the bottom of the tank, it seals the tank from leaking the water out. If we remove every time the tank when we need to fill it with water, we reduce the lifetime of the O-ring.

2. Insert the capsule inside the machine.

3. Close the lid and push the button on the top. The light starts blinking, it is means the machine is preparing for performance. The machine is ready when the light stops blinking. Then push the button again and enjoy your coffee!

*I usually close the lid and press the blinking button once, this way I can do other things and don’t have to stay next to my machine. When the machine stops blinking (it is usually a minute or two) it starts to make coffee.

4. The machine dispenses the capsule to the container after we open the lid.

Tip 11

      I suggest dispensing a capsule after use and don’t leave it in the machine. The reason is when I leave my capsule in the machine after use for the next morning, capsules sometimes don’t dispense as should.

How I Use My Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother And Tips From Real User!


        I shopped for a coffee machine with a milk frother. In the bundle, it is a good deal than buying it separately. I have a manual frother and was happy with it. However, now I use only my Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother. The reason is convenience and very easy to clean! If you ever cook with milk, you know how easily milk sticks to the bottom of the pot. Just pour milk into the milk frother up to one of two “max” levels and push the button. I often use my frother without the frothing spring in it. If you prefer to make froth without spring and need to remove the spring, store it in the lid as in the photo. This way you never going to lose the spring. I like after use keeping the whisk on the top of the lid for some time, to make sure it dries out well before I place it back on a magnetic stick inside the frother.

Tip 12

       If you are not familiar with the milk and how it will be froth, don’t leave without attention. For example, you used cow milk and now want to use almond milk. I learned from my mistake, that I fill with the top max level as the instruction says but the milk overflowed it happens when I use the spring. I am glad I was around and stop the milk frother in time. Not a big deal but it more cleaning for sure.

How I Use My Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother To Warming Up Milk And For Iced Coffee

              The frother has 2 button options. We can make froth for hot coffee and the frother warms up the milk. We need to push briefly the bottom and when it lights up Red it starts warming up the milk and frothing it.

              If we need froth for ice coffee, it is going to whip milk without warming up. Just press the button longer until it lights up Blue. If you like to make ice coffee, place ice in the frother to cool off it more before pouring milk into it.



Tip 13

I saw this tip on YouTube on how to store the lid and it was the wrong advice! Don’t do it! Store as in the photo above. The reason is the lid stays not stable and easily comes off. As a result of it, my lid is crocked because it fell on my kitchen ceramic tile floor. The damage has not affected the performance of my frother and I didn’t buy the replacement.

Nesspesso Machine Warranty From

In order to receive a warranty for our machine from Nespresso, we need to register our machine on their website. The warranty is one year from the day of purchase. First, we need to call and they try to help with troubleshooting. If it does not work we need to send our machine to them to repair. Repair takes usually no more than 2 weeks, according to Nespresso customer service. I can say’s customer service is helpful and knowledgeable.

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My First Nespresso Machine Troubleshooting – So Easy Fix!

       I had one problem with my machine so far. Come on a red light and I was not able to use the machine. The best way to learn the problem is to go to to fund your machine manual and learn what light it has and what to do. What I learned from my first problem with my machine was needed just unplug the machine and plug again. So easy fix!

My Descaling Nespresso Coffee Machine Experience And Tips


Tip 14

Buy the descaling kit in advance at least after 3 months of the coffee machine use and be ready. We don’t know exactly when the time comes for descaling for sure.

       I performed 2 descaling for my Vertuo machine. Nespresso has a very detailed manual step-by-step descaling guide on YouTube and it is easy to find online if you don’t have one. For me is no reason to repeat the guide here. However, I have a few useful tips about descaling the Vertuo machine.

  1. Do descaling when you have plenty of time, especially, for the first time.
  2. Fill the tank with exactly 800 ml + 100 ml solution and rinse 900 ml water (for my machine this amount)! The amount of liquid is important to get the green light at the end of rinsing.

I performed 2 descaling and both times learned something new:) I hope, the third time will be easier to get my green light at the end descaling process!


Tip 15

If you have any difficulties with descaling, don’t stress out and try to find answers on the Internet! Call Nespresso customer support to learn how to do a Vertuo Nespresso Plus coffee machine descaling for the first time. Let them teach you by video assistance. Will be easier for you and you learn much more about your coffee machine for future use and avoid possible mistakes.

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Nesspesso Vertuo Refill Hack (Just My Opinion)

         You can find in the market a few kits to refill the capsules. It gives us the opportunity to fill capsules with our own favorite coffee, so we can make coffee with crema on the top as a coffee shop. Just make sure the coffee is a fine grind and it maybe works. It makes our coffee capsules less expensive and increases the variety of flavors. I did research and learn about but I don’t try yet this method for a few reasons.

  1. To do a refill I need to clean the capsule and refill it, then seal it. It is time-consuming.
  2. I don’t think it is approved to use with my machine by the Nespresso company and it may negatively affect my coffee machine’s performance.
  3. I am satisfied with the variety of Nespresso’s original vertuo capsule flavors.

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Which Coffee Machine Is Better Vertuo Or Original? My Personal Opinion.


In the photo, my cute Nespresso original machine is next to the Keyring coffee machine. I brought it to Christmas 2022 party, so we have an assortment of coffee for the evening.

       My son asked what I want for my birthday and I got for my birthday gift an Essenza mini original coffee machine. As the owner of both machines, I can share my opinion learned from using the machines. Which coffee machine is better the Vertuo or the original? Of course, it depends on what you looking for. I have a few reasons to have an original coffee machine too. The first reason is the price of the capsules and the availability to buy a variety of original coffee capsules at local stores. The second reason is my original coffee machine is miny and small in size. I can easily take my cute and small original machine on a trip or to someone’s house and enjoy my favorite coffee together at the party. I learned with time how handy to have my mini if I have a problem with my Vertuo, I can use my mini instead. I drink my coffee in the morning and not much fun to try to figure out what to do to make my Vertuo machine get working without having my cup of coffee first.

            Which machine is better Vertuo or the Original Nespresso coffee machine? It depends on your needs, of course. However, in my needs and opinion, I definitely choose the Vertuo coffee machine between these two machines, if I have to make the decision. Crema on the top much more from Vertuo pods and I have more favorite pods from the Vertuo line than from Original. The coffee machines have different technologies for brewing coffee and it is definitely a different final result. I compared side to side both coffee. A variety of sizes of Vertuo capsules is a big plus too.

7 Reasons To Choose The Original Nespresso Machine Over Vertuo Nespresso Machine

  1. Nespresso Original doesn’t stop completely because it needs descaling. I make the decision when I am going to do descaling! (We need to do descaling to count 3 months of the machine use or 300 capsules, whichever comes first).
  2. Much easy descaling process in comparison to Vertuo plus coffee machine descaling.
  3. Nespresso Miny original is very compact and can fit in any place in the kitchen or office.
  4.  My Nespresso mini, in my opinion, much more attractive look than my Vertuo machine.
  5. The price of the original line capsules is more affordable than Vertuo. However, we need to keep in mind it is only expresso and double expresso size.
  6. I can find original capsules at more local places than Vertuo capsules. For example, I see often original capsules at discount stores TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls.
  7. The mini machine is very easy to take to places to share coffee with family and friends or to trip because it is so small and compact.

Thank you for visiting my blog post! I hope it is useful for you to make the decision about your future coffee machine.

$40 Discount Code For Any Machine For

Use the code to get $40 off any machine at and a free capsule dispenser as shown in the photo.


* If you use this code, I may get a discount when will be ordering my coffee capsules next time. Thank you!

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