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        I am sharing tips and techniques on how to prepare ingredients for cooking, how to freeze food, how to use kitchen essentials as plastic wrap and foil. Check out and you might learn something new and useful!

Photo pit cherry with

11 Ways How To Pit Fresh Cherries For Garnish And More

Check 11 methods how to pit cherries.
Photo Lemon Cover for

3 Ways How To Make Lemon Covers For Squeezing

3 ways to make lemon covers for squeezing for seafood platter and more.
Mixer cleaning tip

 5 Practical Tips How Easier To Clean Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

Check my 5 practical kitchen cleaning tips you might did know.
Photo Decorate store bought cake with caramel flower step

11 Ways How I Use Wax Paper In My Kitchen

11 ways how we can use wax paper in the kitchen.
Photo handmade cookie

5 Easy DIY Cookie Cutters Ideas Out Of Plastic Bottle

We not always have cookie cutters on hand, check out how we can make them out of plastic bottle!
Photo Louisiana Spice

My Favorite Cajun Seasoning Mix Recipe

Cajun spice mix is one one my favorite. Check out the recipe!
Photo Soda In

My 5 Useful Tips How To Organize A Small Chest Freezer

❄ My 5 useful tips on how to organize a small chest freezer. ❄
Photo Blueberries on paper

How I Freeze Fresh Blueberries In Ziplock Bags

How I freeze blueberries in ziplock bags. I wash berries before freezing and explain why.
Rolling cookies dough

11 Ways To Use Baking Parchment Paper In The Kitchen

7 ways to use parchment paper in the kitchen.
Photo How I Use Wolfgang Puck

11 Tips How To Reduce Food Waste At Kitchen And Save Money

Tips what I use in my kitchen to reduce food waste.
Photo plastic wrap

15 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Wrap in Your Kitchen

15 ideas on how to use plastic wrap in the kitchen.
Photo chayote

How To Prepare Green And Prickly Chayote Squash for Cooking

How to prepare chayote squash for cooking and how we can cook this fruit-vegetable.
Photo Frills for Turkey

How to Make Decorative Frills for Turkey And Chicken

How to make decorative chicken leg frills from napkin and foil. Easy to make and very flexible because we use foil.
Photo How to make Almonds Flour from Scratch for

How To Make Almond Flour and Peel Almonds

How to make your own almond flour from unpeeled almonds with step by step photos and video. Very important to know how to peel almonds.
Photo Russian Flavoring Crawfish

Russian Crawfish Flavoring Butter Recipe With Video

The crawfish flavoring butter recipe over 200 years old! Used for flavoring dishes.
Fish Fun Plate

13 Clever Ways To Use Aluminium Foil In The Kitchen

11 practical and fun ways to use aluminum foil in the kitchen. Fun plates in the shape of fish, making frills decor for chicken and more with photos and video.
How to deseed pomegranate Photo 7

How to Remove a Pomegranate Seeds and Smoothie Secret

How to remove seeds from pomegranate and smoothie secret recipe.
Photo Russian Cabbage Salad Garnish with Parsley

How to Shred Cabbage Into Thin Strips

The best way to shred cabbage for salad!
Mayonnaise Recipe

The Ultimate Guide Of Making Homemade Mayonnaise

Do you ever make homemade mayonnaise? It takes just 3-5 minutes and it will be a very nice result!
Homemade bread crumbs photo

How To Make Homemade Breadcrumbs

How to make breadcrumbs and reasons to make own breadcrumbs. Best way to store it.
Photo Herb Butter Garnish and

Parsley Compound Butter Recipe With Garnish Idea

How to make herb compound butter recipe and rose garnish idea.
Photo How to prepare mango to

How To Cut A Mango

The easiest way to cut a mango to eat.

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