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Photo Dessert garnished with melon baller

         I like to garnish food and am very passionate about my hobby, I am always interested in new garnish tools. I have some handmade ones. My channel knife is over 25 years old I asked to make craftsmen in Russia from a vegetable peeler and brought it to the USA. We didn’t have available these tools and tell you the truth, it is the best so far channel knife I had because made exactly as I want. The size of the loops so right for my needs. See the photo at the bottom of the page.

        My list of food garnishing tools is tools and gadgets designed for food garnish, handmade tools ideas, and kitchen tools designed for other purposes but we can use them for food garnish as well. Every featured tool with photo examples, how to use it, food garnishing tips, and decoration ideas. Some tools are great when you are going to impress someone and cook for just 2 people, some make life easy when you cook for a big company. Really, so many new discoveries of garnishing tools I made lately, and can’t wait to share them with you. I can spend hours watching very talented people on YouTube and other Internet platforms to learn new and interesting techniques. You can find on my website so many techniques on how to make flowers out of vegetables with tools and without. As always, I need to say all my garnish ideas easy to follow for everyone, you don’t need to be gifted with special skills to use these tools. Check it out yourself!

Photo Dessert garnished with melon
Photo Christmas Tree From Cucumber With Wavy
Photo Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Garnishing Set Featured Image
Photo Mini Canape with turkey injector
Photo Decorating platter with cocoa powder
Handmade Garnish Tool
Flower from Parmesan Cheese

Just a simple touch with my channel knife and our lemon slices will be instead of just slices cute flower slices!

How to make garnish from lemon Photo

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