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Russian No Knead Bread Simple Recipe With Instant Dry Yeast

Super simple and delicious crusty bread recipe without kneading. The recipe has so many details but really it just 3 easy steps!

9 Substitutes Ideas For Baking Tools And Equipment

9 substitute ideas for baking tools and tips. Some tools we not necessarily need to buy, just look around your kitchen and you can fund the right alternative.

Russian Crapes photo

Russian Style Crapes Known As Blini

I make Zavarnie blini many times and always comes out good, soft, flexible edges and have tiny pores if you like this outcome – the recipe is for you.

Baking Tips

1. Why Necessary To Sift Wheat Flour?

     Why necessary to sift wheat flour? It is always beneficial to sift before use for any pastry, include flour for sauces. Why? Flour enriches with air when we sifting. After sifting some flours (depends on brand) I see tiny flour balls on the bottom of sifter. I continue sifting and balls brock down and became flour again. This simple step makes ingredients incorporate much more easily with each other and definitely to increase the quality of your product. Just remember flour likes air and don’t miss this important step. Another reason to discover foreign objects in flour before making the dough. This reason may be to apply more for the old days.

2. Adding Dry Ingredients To Dough Tip

       In some recipes, we need to add, for example, pecans (raisins) at the end to dough. Leave out some flour and coat pecans before adding to the dough. This way pecans spread in the dough evenly.

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