How To Make Fun And Cute Cookies Shapes Without Cookie Cutter

        Easy fun cookie designs with no cookie-cutter we can make with simple kitchen tools like a spoon or knife. I remember, my first cookies I designed with a fork and with a glass with design on the bottom, used as a stamp when I was at Hight school. I am sure it is a well-known old fashion way to make an easy design on cookies. However, with the Internet, we can find so many more clever cookie shapes ideas without any cookie cutters. So easy and fun to make. Check out these cuties!

Cookie shapes made without a cookie-cutter:

  1. Pig’s face.
  2. Smily face.

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1. Easy Pig Face Cookie Without Cookie Cutter

Photo Pig Face Cookie

      We need just a paring knife and plate to make these pig’s faces. The batter can be any, just should not have too much rise when baking. The perfect is if we use a sugar cookie recipe. I saw some designs with a pig’s snout made out of a small piece of dough but it makes more complications and takes longer to make cookies than the technique I shared with you. This design is so easy because we don’t need to make many small details on the face, just one cut, and a clip. Eyes I made it with two tiny drops of melted chocolate. However, we can make eyes for the pigs easier, just 2 edible seeds and done. Seeds can be black sesame, flax seeds, or raisins, for example. Another option, we can make eyes with a small straw out of dry fruits. For example, cherry, plums, dates… Endless possibilities to make eyes for this cookie design!

We need:

Paring knife


Technique 1

  1. Make a ball from cookie batter.

Photo Pig face cookie 1

2. Press the ball with a plate and make round shapewith desired hight.

Photo Pig face cookie 3

Photo Pig face cookie 2

3. Make the cut on the top as on the photo.

Photo Pig face cookie 4

4. Fold the top towards the bottom and we have ears for our pig ready.

Photo Pig face cookie 5

5. Make a clip on the bottom and we have pig’s snout.

Photo How To Make Pig Face Cookie

6. For a more realistic look, make two dots with a wooden pick on the pig’s snout.

We can make eyes too the same way. However, I like more make eyes with dark chocolate. Just 2 dots and pig’s eyes ready.

Photo Pig face cookie 7

7. As you can see with simple kitchen tools like plate and knife I make so cute design cookies in the shape of pig face.

Photo Pig face cookie 8

In the photo below, some of the pigs have their ears up and some are still down after baking. They are so cute both ways!

Photo Pig face cookie 9

Photo Cute Pig Face Cookie

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2. Smily Faces Cookie Design With Spoon And Straw

This simple and fun cookie design is my favorite! Easy and a great project for kids to make. We can also make a surprising face cookie, just use a instead of a spoon larger straw. Squeeze slightly the straw on the sides or leave the round shape. Both ways will be cute. I show on the page the technique to make the mouth with a spoon. 

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We need:



Technique 2

  1. Make eyes with a straw and mouth with a spoon.

2. Make a mouth with a spoon or make a surprised mouth with a larger straw as an option.

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3. So cute design and very easy!

  Smiley faces cookie so cute!

We can use this technique on other food as well! For example, on the photo below baked potato patties.

Photo Fun Smiley Faces Potato Patties

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