4 Cute and Fun Raspberry Garnish Ideas

         Raspberry garnish makes a pretty decor for desserts, cakes, cupcakes, beverages, and much more. I never thought to make a separate page for raspberries but after I saw a few cute ideas and feel like it is a great idea to share. For example, raspberry makes a great flower garnish with almond slices or whole almonds as petals for the flower. This simple flower is a great raspberry garnish for cakes and cupcakes. Check out these ideas and maybe you can use them in your kitchen to garnish desserts and beverages. Simple, pretty, and fun garnish ideas for a summer party or just brighten up your day!

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  3. Easy chocolate stuffed raspberries.
  4. Fun mushroom garnish from raspberry and apple for kids.

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1. Flower Raspberry Garnish Idea

         The raspberry flower is so cute garnish for desserts, and fruit platters and perfect as you can see in the photo as a raspberry garnish for cake. It can be a great project to decorate a cake with kids for fun. No real direction we need here. Just place a raspberry in the center and arrange almonds around for flower petals. I also added green mint leaves for a more realistic look. We can use kiwi dry or fresh instead of mint leaves to add green to raspberry flowers.

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2. What Is Braspberry? Braspberry Garnish Ideas

Photo Braspberries Garnish and presentation

        What is braspberries? Braspberries are raspberries stuffed with blueberries. First time I saw this idea on Instagram. You can find even tags braspberry on Instagram and Twitter. Cute, tasty and makes a great garnish for many desserts. A really great combination of berries and pretty presentation for a fruit platter. So nice quick and fun snack for kids in lunch pack! Beautiful idea to fresh presentation for raspberries and blueberries together. Most important it is so fun idea to use raspberry and blueberry for decoration.

Frozen Raspberries Garnish

        We can freeze brasberries and it can make so attractive fancy decor to beverages! Another creative way how to serve raspberries and blueberries together. When we take it from a freezer, on the berry we can see in a few minutes beautiful frosts. My raspberry stays this way about 15 minutes when I was taking photos (I freeze berries overnight) but it depends on your room temperature, of course. Great way to impress your dinner guests with delicious berries. On the photo, I garnish liqueur with a chocolate spoon and braspberries on it.

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Photo Braspberry garnish idea on chocolate spoon

Raspberry Wine Garnish

       Frozen braspberries great wine garnish! Just place with blueberry on top (don’t drop for this effect) and it will be floating like a flower. So pretty in a glass with sparkling wine! I really like this way to have my glass of sparkling wine. I wish raspberries all year around! The berries, not stone freeze after I done with my wine, it still cold and so delicious! I like to have a few in my glass!

Photo Raspberry wine garnish idea gif

       Another great way to serve raspberries with wine is on a wooden cocktail stick. Freeze berries on a stick and serve. Great garnishing a chocolate liqueur or raspberry martini!

Photo Wine garnish with raspberry idea

       Or just add to any beverage as a healthy and delicious snack. Braspberries so great treat as cookies to any hot beverage!

Garnish Idea Ice Cream With Raspberries

Another cute way to serve frozen berries, of course, as ice cream garnish! I serve vanilla ice cream with a bee on the top made out of raspberries and peach with chocolate strapes. So cute to serve for kids! Our berries really look like flowers on ice cream, so pretty.

Photo Braspberry and raspberry garnish ideas peach bee 1

      Our raspberries stuffed with blueberries can dress up so many desserts, smoothies as raspberries but better!

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Photo Braspberries And Raspberries Garnish idea on cupcake

      Braspberries are cute easy garnish and each flower is pretty but different beauty like natural flowers so unique.

Photo Raspberries and Braspberries Garnish Ideas

        One of the fun ways to garnish with braspberries is to make a face with white chocolate. I used Wilton candy melts. The neck of the person is a white chocolate chip. Oh, so cute raspberries as a hat with blueberries!

Photo Raspberry and braspberry fun garnish

      And another cute idea is to serve tea sandwiches with blueberries and raspberries! So sweet people in the photo!

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3. Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries Or Raspberries With Chocolate Garnish

Photo Raspberry with chocolate garnish idea

     Raspberries stuffed with chocolate is a great easy solution to serve sour raspberries as a snack or delicious raspberry garnish. We need just fresh raspberries and chocolate chips. The sweetness of chocolate makes sour berries delicious! We can stuff it with melted chocolate as well but with chocolate chips easier. Stuffed raspberries with chocolate chips make a fancy and colorful raspberry garnish for desserts, ice cream, raspberry cocktails, smoothies, and much much more! We can use dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate chips.

      To make a simply melted chocolate for stuffing raspberries. Make a simple piping bag from baking paper (so many easy directions online) and place chocolate inside. Melt chocolate in a microwave cut the tip and fill the raspberries with melted chocolate.

In the photo below I used white and dark chocolate chips, great with chocolate pudding garnish.

Photo Raspberries With Chocolate Garnish

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4. Fun Raspberry Mushrooms Garnish For Kids Desserts

Raspberry Garnish for kids Photo

           Raspberry mushrooms are so cute and fun to garnish for kids’ desserts! I have a detailed tutorial, video, and step-by-step photos on a strawberry example. Check out ⇒ Easy Strawberry Garnish Ideas


      The green base I made from kiwi and mushroom stem from apple. To make stem I use 0.5-inch corer.

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Photo Raspberry Mushroom Garnish for kids photo

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Photo Cute raspberry garnish ideas title 1

     In the photo below I used white chocolate chips and added fun faces just in additor but it can easily be done with dark chocolate.

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    Thanks Gala for sharing these gorgeous berry garnish ideas. I love the way the frozen berries turn frosty!! Very pretty indeed. I can’t wait for berry season to come around again so that I can try some of these out. You always have the best, fresh decorating ideas. Thank you for posting them for the rest of us!!!

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      You are welcome, Jeanette! I really didn’t know about the frosty effect by point start taking photos. I saw these effect so many times on Instagram and thought they used other technique what I didn’t try yet egg whites frosting. Raspberry really pretty berries to garnish with!


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