11 Ways How To Use Wax Paper In The Kitchen

Photo Decorate store bought cake with caramel flower step 1

         I use wax paper in my kitchen widely. It is essential in my kitchen. The best substitute for wax paper is baking paper or freezer paper but they are much more expensive than wax paper. So, I prefer to have always wax paper along with baking paper, freezer paper, plastic wrap, and foil in my kitchen. I use them for different purposes. I am going to share with you how I like to use wax paper in my kitchen. Check it out, you might fund new use for wax paper!

On the page how I use wax paper:

  1. Wax paper is great to cover the table to roll out dough.
  2. I use wax paper to make cake decor out of candies.
  3. Wax paper I use as a liner on a flower nail for cake decor.
  4. Layer wax paper between items to prevent sticking food together.
  5. Disposable funnel out of wax paper to use for oil.
  6. Use wax paper to cover the plate to catch sprinkles when decorating cakes.
  7. Preventing sticking berries of other food to the tray in the freezer.
  8. Wax paper is great for wrapping homemade candy.
  9. Wax paper protects chocolate-covered fruits from sticking to the surface.
  10. Cover food with wax paper to keep the microwave clean.
  11. Wax paper can be used to protect the countertop when breading meats.

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1. Wax Paper Is Great To Cover Table To Roll Out Dough

         Wax paper is great to cover the table surface for rolling out dough. It is the perfect solution to use less flour and prevent sticking the dough to a rolling pin. Cover the working surface and when done just throw the wax paper away. Of course, if you bake often you can stick paper in the freezer and reuse it again. It is less expensive than baking paper for this task and works great every time. I used plastic wrap too to cover the table but plastic does not stay well on the place and I have to use a few layers to make it work.

In the photo, I use wax paper to cover the countertop to make my sugar vanilla cookies.

Photo cookies heart

The cookie cutter I made out of a plastic bottle. Great technique if we don’t have cookie cutters on hand and need to make cookies shapes or cut bread in shapes for sandwiches or toasts. For example, a romantic breakfast with cute heart toast is nice touch to impress a loved one. No cookie-cutter but as rule always a plastic bottle at the house. You can make yourself in a few minutes handmade heart shape cookie cutter!

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2. How I Use Wax Paper To Make Cake Or Cupcakes Decor Out Of Candies

Photo Decorate store bought cake with caramel flower step 1

        Candies are great material to make easy decor for cakes, cupcakes, or desserts. However, caramel candies are sticky and can be tricky to roll out with a rolling pin. So, I used the same way wax paper as for cookies dought. I roll out my caramel candy between two sheets of wax paper. We can make roses or other decors from candies and it is an easy sweet solution to decorate cakes and other desserts. Candies are a great alternative to using cake icing to decorate cakes. Check the link below to how we can make cake decor out of candies.

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3. Wax Paper Useful To Make Cake Or Cupcakes Decor

Photo Cake Decorating Rose Nail From Glass With Flower

          Wax paper is the best to use to make cake decor! We can use baking paper as well but it is more expensive than wax paper. To place a rose on the cake directly from the nail flower is almost impossible without damaging it. Depending on the decor contains we need to freeze or put it in the refrigerator. After the flower is hardened we don’t have a problem to place on the cake.

*I have 2 solutions of rose nail substitute, check out very useful ideas. The link is below.

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4. Layer Wax Paper Between Food Prevents Sticking Food Together

          Photo Wax Paper for layers food

           Wax paper is a great solution to prevent food stick to each other in the freezer. We just layer wax paper between the food and freeze it. We can easily take some food out and the rest leave in the freezer. Of course, we can freeze each piece of food separately and then place it for storage but wax paper simplify the process. It saves time and effort. We need just layered food with wax paper and then freeze.  I layered with wax paper and froze pancakes, crapes, cake with many layers. In the photo, I layered with wax paper Russian turnover with meat.

*I reuse a few times wax paper for crapes, but keep wax paper all the time in the freezer.

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5. Disposable Funnel Out Of Wax Paper

         Wax paper is great to make disposable funnels. I have different funnels in my kitchen but I still make disposable sometimes. The reason I like to use a wax paper funnel is vegetable oil. If I need to pour the oil into a different bottle, the wax paper funnel is the best solution. The cleaning oily funnel is not fun, so I like to use a disposable funnel. I roll a square of wax paper into a cone and use it as a funnel.

The first step to making my funnel, I make a cone and place it in the bottle. Then push it in with a finger inside of the bottle. Then I take out the wax paper cone and cut the tip as much I need and as much as possible. Then wider opening than faster, I can fill the bottle with oil. My funnel made out of wax paper works great, it is not sliding inside the bottle and I don’t have to clean after use!

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6. Wax Paper Use To Catch Sprinkles When Decorating Cake Or Cupcakes

         To make cake decorating easier I use wax paper to cover the sides when applied crumbles on the cake. I place wax paper squares underside of my cake. In the same way, we can decorate the cake with sprinkles, cocoa powder, or sugar powder. A really great technique to make the decorating cake easier without much mess. As you can see no crumbles on the sides of the plate with my cake.

*My cake I was finishing after midnight, so lightning on the photos is different than on the photo with the finished cake. I made my cake to celebrate 2021 Christmas. The Christmas trees I made out of the same dough and sprinkle with sugar powder on the top. Super easy cake decor!

         Excess of the crumbles around my cake on wax paper I easily remove with a brush before I pull the wax paper out. As you can see no crumbles on the sides of the plate. In the same way, we can decorate the cake with sprinkles, cocoa powder, or sugar powder. A really great technique to make the decorating cake easier without much mess.

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7. Wax Paper Prevent Sticking Berries And Fruits To Baking Sheets In The Freezer

             I use wax paper to cover the baking pan when freezing berries or fruits. It prevents fruits stick to the pan, especially it is important if fruits contain a lot of moisture. The best way is to freeze fruits and berries on baking sheets or other flat surfaces and then place them in ziplock bags. On the page How I Freeze Blueberries (link below), I have photos to compare berries with the pre-freezing extra step and freeze directly in ziplock bags. The result is better with pre-freezing.

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8. Wax Paper Is Great For Wrapping Homemade Candy

Photo wax paper wrapper

     The best wrapping for homemade caramels or other candies in the wax paper! Candies don’t stick to their wrapping and the wax paper holds great shape. I see so many different candies at stores wrapped in wax paper as well.

Photo candies in wax paper

    Of course, we can buy precut and fancy twisting wax paper candy wrappers at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores but wax paper in the roll is a less expensive solution to make candy wrapping. Another reason to use wax paper (freezer paper or baking paper) is we can use leftovers of paper for other tasks in the kitchen. Precut candy wraps we can use for other crafts, for example, custom cards but it is so narrow uses. Check 7 methods on how we can wrap homemade candies, the link below.

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9. Wax Paper Protects Chocolate Covered Fruits From Sticking

       Wax paper prevents chocolate candies, chocolate-covered berries, and fruits from sticking to the surface. No scraping or cleaning after we have done with these delicious desserts. We can use baking paper as well but it is a more expensive solution.

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10. Wax Paper Prevents Spatters To Keep Microwave Clean

Cover with wax paper photo

        Wax paper is one of the great options to cover food when placing it in the microwave. It prevents spatters to keep the microwave clean. Wax paper is safe to use in the microwave and is an inexpensive solution.

*In the photo above I covered my frozen Cajun rice.

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11. Wax Paper Protects Contertop When Breading Meats

           Wax paper can be used for breading fish, meats, chicken, or vegetables. After I have done with breading meats and vegetables I throw away my wax tray with the breading mix and my countertop is clean. However, wax paper is not my favorite for this task. My favorite paper to use for food breading is freezer paper, it is rigid enough to make borders, so breading stays in the same place.

*I used also paper plates for breading my meats in the past but they are smaller than the wax paper surfaces and I had always crumbles left on my countertop.

          Photo Freezer paper for breading food

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