5 Tips Easy Cleaning Kitchen Gadgets and Small Appliances

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        The tips on how to easily clean kitchen gadgets and small appliances make my life so much easier. The techniques I use in my kitchen if you don’t know them try them and you will be surprised by the result! I share practical tips on what works for me check them out, you might find something new!

Cleaning tips:

  1. How to clean immersion blender easy.
  2. The easiest way how to clean the baker wire rack.
  3. The homemade solution to clean sticky grease buildup. Works so well!
  4. How to remove stickers and adhesives from a glass jar.
  5. The important reason to clean sink disposal with overflow soap.

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1. How To Clean Immersion Blender The Fastest Way

         How to clean the easiest way emersion blender I am going to share because learn from my own experience how useful these tips are and know some people don’t know them. Especially cleaning is not easy if we use it to work with butter, oil, or other sticky and thick ingredients. An emersion blender has sharp blades that are not easy to clean because they are located in a hard-to-reach area. I tried to use a cleaning sponge and brush before but it takes time for quality cleaning and sharp blades cut easily my cleaning gadgets and actually fingers too. The solution is so easy! Run the device again for a minute or two in warm soapy water.

*We can also use the dishwasher detergent for additional cleaning power if need it. I read the tip about using dishwasher detergent in my new blender instruction. I prefer to clean my appliances shortly after each use and a dish detergent is always works great. However, people have different circumstances and it can be useful to know.

Cleaning Immersion Blender

  1. Rinse the blender under warm running water after use to remove most of the ingredients of the blender.

In the photo, I used my immersion blender to make homemade mayonnaise. Learn more ⇒ Technology of the Preparation of Homemade Mayonnaise And Recipe

2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap liquid. Run the blender in soapy water for a minute or more.

3. Then rinse under warm water and inspect the quality of the cleaning.

Cleaning took a few minutes and it was easy to do when I was preparing food. Really easy and fast way to clean an emersion blender.

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Cleaning Mixer Technique

The technique is the same as we use for an immersion blender but I am going to include photos, so you can see how effective this technique works for both. In the photos, I use my mixer to whip the butter.

It took me a minute to run in hot soapy water my mixer to get a good cleaning.

The beaters after rinsing under clean water look perfectly clean!

The same technique we can use also to clean manual wire whisk as well.

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2. Easiest Way How To Clean Baker Wire Rack

           The wire baking rack is great to bake on it but cleaning is not fun! I tried to cover my wire rack with baking paper and make holes with a wooden stick and this simple step makes rack cleaning easier. However, the air circulation is not the same if I used a wire rack only. The easiest way to clean the wire rack is to soak in hot soapy water in the baking pan after cooking. This way it is covered completely in water and this simple step makes a big difference.

Can You Put Wire Racks In The Dishwasher?

          Yes, you can. I have had my wire rack for almost 20 years and placed it dishwasher if I needed and you can see in the photo, it looks like a new one. If you going to use the dishwasher, I suggest soaking in hot soapy water first too to soften food at first. Then I give a little rinse before place in the dishwasher and my wire rack comes out always perfectly clean.

* I didn’t have a big enough baking pan to place my wire rack for many years. As you can see in the photo I use a smaller pan to bake on it and cleaning for me was not easy because I didn’t have anything big enough to soak my wire rack. Then I bought a very inexpensive larger baking pan (see photos below) and it changed my cleaning life!

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Photo Jalapenos peppers stuffed

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How To Clean Baker Wire Rack Without Dishwasher

  1. After baking food I place upside down my rack in the baking pan. Cover the rack with hot water and dish soap.

I was making my stuffed jalapenos on the photos and my wire rack and pan look are not so bad but it still was not possible to clean without soaking in hot water.

2. It takes a few hours to soak the rack in or the best leave overnight. Then I use my brush to clean my wire rack in the sink first.

If I covered with foil the baking pan, much less cleaning.

4. Then I place my rack in the baking pan back and clean with the brush again. To rinse the wire rack in clean water I use a baking pan.

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3. Easiest And Fastest Way To Clean Sticky Grease Buildup On The Top Of Appliances

      How easy to clean sticky grease on the top of appliances with the simple homemade solution I learned from my friend. She told me she cleaned the top of her range hood vent in a few minutes with a simple homemade cleaning mix. Really, I didn’t believe it can work better than warm soapy water or special chemicals designed to clean grease. I tested and was impressed by the result! I tested on my refrigerator top this cleaning solution. The top of my refrigerator had grease and dust from remodeling on the top in addition. I didn’t have much hope for easy cleaning but my cleaning took a few minutes and was so easy!

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Homemade Solution For Easy Cleaning Grease

My friend uses vodka but I used instead 91% alcohol.

  1. To half of the cup alcohol, I added 1 teaspoon of dish soap.

The solution with alcohol and soap as you can see in the photo below doesn’t have any foam.

2. I use a paper towel to clean the sticky grease and it was working like magic. Not much rubbing at all!

3. The result is amazing as you can see in the photo.

To prevent cleaning grease on the top refrigerator we can use plastic wrap on the top of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. We can’t see easy the plastic because our refrigerator is tall. The plastic works for this purpose so well! I covered my refrigerator and this simple step makes my cleaning life easier now. Especially it was helpful when we did kitchen remodeling.

Homemade Old-fashion Powder To Clean Dishes

Old-fashion powder to clean dishes is dry mustard and soda. I remember my grandmother use it all the time. Now it is not popular, but I am going to mention it because someone may want to try it.

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4. How To Remove Stickers And Adhesives From A Glass Jar

         To remove stickers by peeling them sometimes does not work. We need to know a good technique or scribing off a label with a knife, using dish soap, and soda takes too much effort and time. I have done it in the past and know how well glue stick to glass. I learned this simple technique a few years ago from the Internet and going to share it with you. In the photos, I am using my glass jar where I had honey. After I use all my honey, I had a jar with 3 large stickers on it. It was an opportunity to take photos and share how easily we can remove stickers and adhesives from a glass jar.

How To Remove Sticker Easy Way

To remove the sticker easiest way is to warm up the glue and then peel the sticker. I use hot water but we can use a hair drier as well.

How To Remove Adhesives From Glass Jar

Method 1

         To remove adhesives out of the glass jar we can use vegetable oil. I just add a generous amount of oil on a paper towel and rub where is glue area is. We need little work out with this method but it works. Sometimes just vegetable oil works fine but on the honey jar, it was not enough to remove it fast. I used also soda as an abrasive and in a few minutes, my jar was clean.

*One time I tried to remove a label from a small kitchen appliance. It should be made just peel off but for some reason, it didn’t work this way. I had glue left on the plastic surface. What helps me? Vegetable oil!

Method 2

        I bought goo and adhesive removal “GOO GONE” at our local TJMAXX store for a few dollars to give it a try. I tried on the lid of my jar, it had a sticker too. I was surprised how easy it removes adhesives! Just wet paper towel with “GOO GONE” and in a few seconds gone, much faster and easier than with vegetable oil! It can be used for different purposes as well but I tried only to remove adhesive on the glass lid. The downside of the remover is a strong chemical odor. It has a slight aroma of citrus in it but it does not help much. I have to clean my lid with warm soapy water to get rid of the odor. I am sure I will use in the future again and not regret buying it.

      On the right is my jar after I cleaned it. It is ready to use for my dry ingredients. It is almost identical to the jar I bought especially for storing.

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5. Important Reason To Clean Sink Disposal With Overflow Foam

        The reason to clean sink disposal with overflow dish soap foam is so important! Someone learned and share it with me. The reason is not only to clean the food remaining on the top another reason to prevent insects hidden there. These people didn’t have insects in the kitchen but from time to time they have small fruit flies. Normally hide the fruits and done with fruit flies. However, it didn’t work. Flies come from nowhere for a few days and it was very annoying.  They were looking for a hidden area where flies come from and found. Flies come from the top under the rubber ring of disposal! The solution was so simple to get rid of fruit flies just clean disposal with overflow soap foam from time to time. I found it very interesting and add this story to my website the same day when I hear the story, so it maybe will be helpful for someone.

Sink Disposal Tip

      The comic photo below I made just to remind you, don’t put celery at your disposal. It takes forever to dispose of celery because this vegetable has woody strings. Just throw away celery in the trash can and make it easy and faster to clean your disposal.

Photo Kitchen Celery Joke

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