5 Clever Uses for Paper Cupcake Liners You Never Thought Of Besides Baking

       Cupcake liners can be used in various creative ways besides just baking! They come in beautiful colors and can be used in many ways, especially for parties. Here are 5 ideas of uses for cupcake liners:

  1. Cupcake liners as cups for serving food individually, great for parties.
  2. 2 different candy wrappers out of cupcake liners.
  3. Cute lids for treat boxes from a paper cup.
  4. Cupcake lines as a lid for the mason jar to keep insects and debris out.
  5. Colorful cupcake liners are great for decorating homemade food in mason jars.

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1. Elevate Your Party with Cupcake Liner Cups: A Perfect Solution for Individual Servings


       Baking liner cups are perfect for serving food individually for a large party if you want to keep things simple and casual! A great grab-and-go treat idea for serving on a picnic or outdoor gathering. Or we can serve at the fancy party as well.

       For example, chocolate-covered strawberries with chocolate-covered pecans and almonds I made for the Easter party. I easily and on a budget customize colors of cupcake liners to match the Easter theme. I carried strawberries in catering trays for convenience and it was so easy to transfer cups to another fancy dish for presentation. Another reason to use cupcake cups for serving is they are disposable and we don’t have to clean them after use.

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Easter Tea Party at Our Daughter-in-Law’s Mom’s House 2024


2. Cupcake Liners Are Perfect To Make 2 Candy Wrappers For Caramel Squares


        We can make easy candy wrappers out of paper baking cups. Cupcakes liners come in very colorful varieties and a perfect size to wrap homemade caramel candies. We can make 2 designs using paper baking cups that look like classic candy wrapping and the shape of the fish.

*The direction you can find in the link below, I have a few more ideas on the page on how to wrap caramel candy squares there. My fantasy was flying and I made candy wrapping look like a turkey bird (easy!). This candy-wrapping design is great for a Thanksgiving Holiday gift. Check it out!

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3. Make A Lid For Paper Cups Treat Box Out Of Cupcake Liners

    Photo cup and cupcake wrapped box

      Another way to use paper baking cups is to make a cute lid for disposable handmade treat boxes from paper cups. Easy to fund color match cups because baking cups usually have a variety of choices. So cute with a bow on the top!

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4. Cupcake Liners Keep Insects Out Of The Drinks In Mason Jars

       The simple and useful cupcake liner idea is to use it instead of a lid liner for a mason jar. Great for picnics or other outdoor events because it keeps insects and debris out of the drink and adds vibrant color to the table. We don’t have to make cutouts because liners fit perfectly with mason jars!

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5. Cupcakes Liners Great to Decorate Homemade Food In Mason Jars

         Cupcake liners are great for making simple bonnets for gifts in mason jars. Cupcake liners are the perfect size for small-mouth mason jars. We can decorate homemade jello, homemade vanilla extract, and other homemade goods in mason jars. We can unscrew the ring and place the liner on the top of the lid and screw the ring back on the jar. It will be an instant cute decor for the mason jar lid with a vibrant color topper.

*Of course, for a prettier presentation we can place the liner on top of the jar with only the inner lid and secure it with a cute ribbon.

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