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3 Creative Ideas How To Garnish Martini For Holidays

Two classic garnishes for gin martini are olives and lemon zest. So many ways to garnish gin martini in creative ways I saw in my life! My website is about garnishes and of course, when I see clever ideas I need to share them with you. On the page, a few creative martini garnish ideas I really like. Check them out!

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1. Creepy Aliens Faces On Green Olives Garnish For Halloween

The idea to write on green olives creepy alien’s faces is a fun traditional martini garnish for Halloween! We can prepare this edible green olive garnish in advance and use it when needed. Of course, we can decorate plates, and appetizers with olives for Halloween or alien parties as well. The technique for making these spooky Halloween martini olives takes just a few minutes and so easy so easy!

*I found this idea on the hungryhappenings.com website. The idea is the owner of the website and as appreciation, I mention it here.

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We Need

Jumbo green olives

Wilton edible black marker

Paper towel


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   1. Wipe off with a paper towel the brine on the olive.

2. Draw the alien face with a marker and leave for 5 minutes before doing the next step.

*Make sure you wipe off the tip of the marker after each use.

3. Wet the paper towel with juice from olives. Wipe off the droving and return to the brine.

*In the photo, you can see my fingers stained with the marker. After a couple of washing hands stains are gone. Using gloves really prevents this.

4. Keep olives with the design in the brine. The design slightly fades but will be definitely noticeable and fun to see. The ink won’t stain anybody’s fingers and olives are safe to eat!

How To Store Olives With the Design

In the photo below olives with designs after 1 day in brine. The change in the design is the color is more reddish but still very noticeable. I tried to keep olives with designs for a few days as well. The design ink will be pinkish in color but still very noticeable.

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Video Aliens Faces On Green Olives Garnish For Halloween

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2. Mushrooms Martini Garnish Idea

Mushrooms made out of black and green olives are so festive fall martini garnish. It definitely compliments the martini and impresses your friends and family. Easy to make and is so impressive!

*We can use cute olives mushrooms garnish for small appetizers, small sandwiches, and much more.

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3. Orange Martini Garnish Ideas

Photo Pinwheel garnish from orange

The best garnish for an Orange martini is orange peel! The perfect garnish for a summer martini cocktail. Check out a few creative ideas and techniques on how to make an orange garnish for a martini, click on the link ⇒  5 Lime And Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Ideas

Gif Fun Orange Peel Cocktail Garnish Idea Lips

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4. Cinnamon Stick Design For Martini

Cinnamon stick garnish ring

The idea is so simple and easy. The decor can be fun for Halloween or Christmas martinis for example cinnamon apple or cookie martini. More detail on the technique and other designs for cinnamon sticks you can find on the page here ⇒ 5 Cinnamon Stick Garnish Ideas For Cocktails With Photos

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