5 Easy DIY Cookie Cutters Ideas Out of Plastic Bottle With Cookies Photos


       How to make homemade cookie cutters out of plastic bottles is so useful because you never know the situation when you need to use them. I learned from my life experience. I have a large collection of store-bought cookie cutters. However, I was not able to use them when needed. We had house remodeling and my cookie cutters were packed far in a box. So, I start looking in my notes on how to make a DIY cookie cutter easy? I was impressed with the result and want to share it with you on my website. Of course, we can use it not only to make decorative cut cookie dough, but we can cut bread for fun shape sandwiches, make toast with an egg inside, and much more!

      Making homemade cookie cutters from plastic bottles is a great way to reuse plastic bottles. The techniques are so easy to make disposable cookie cutters but we can wash them after making cookies and use them a few times more. The homemade plastic cookie cutters techniques are without any seems, so when you make the design it comes out very nice as we use factory-made cookie cutters. We need just a rigid soda plastic bottle small or large depending on your need. Check how easily we can make different shapes of cookie cutters out of soda plastic bottles.

On the page techniques on how to make plastic cookie cutters:

  1. How to make a flower cookie cutter out of a plastic bottle (Easy!)
  2. How to make a biscuit cutter out of a plastic bottle.
  3. How to make a heart cookie cutter out of a plastic bottle (seamless and easy!)
  4. How to make a cat face cookie cutter out of a plastic bottle.
  5. Plastic fish cookie cutter technique.

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Plastic Bottle I Use To Make Cookie Cutters

I used diet Coca-Cola bottles to make my cookie cutters because it is my husband’s favorite drink. I used a 16.9 oz  (500 ml) bottle. We can also use some water bottles as well. If we need a large-size cookie cutter, we can use larger bottles.

1. How To Make A Flower Cookie Cutter Out Of Plastic Bottle

      To make a plastic homemade flower-shaped cookie cutter we need a soda or water bottle with a flower-shaped bottom. The cookie-cutter we can use to make cookies or cut bread for tea sandwiches. Of course, no reason to shop for a bottle with flower-shaped bottom to make cookies. However, if you have already the right bottle, give it a second life! It makes a great disposable flower cookie cutter to use later.


  1. Make a cut with a knife, this way will be easy to start using scissors

*Make the cut above the bottle’s ridges on the bottom first. After we cut the bottom off completely will be easy to make a straight cut where are ridges.

2. Insert scissors in the cut. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle with scissors.

3. Cut off the top where the bottom of the bottle as I show in the photo. For the best result try to make the cut as straight as possible.

*If to make the small open circle in the center will be more convenient to take out cookies.

3. Cut off the top where the bottom of the bottle as I show in the photo. For the best result try to make the cut as straight as possible.

*If to make the small open circle in the center will be more convenient to take out cookies.

This is the way we can make cookies flower shape without a cookie cutter! So easy if you have a plastic bottle!

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2. Biscuit Cutter Out Of Plastic Bottle

To make a homemade biscuit cutter out of a soda bottle takes less than one minute. It is a very easy technique, we need just cut round out of the bottle. Maybe it is not the best biscuit cutter and we can make biscuits without a biscuit cutter but good to have this option if we need it. We can use it as the base to make other cookie cutters designs as well. The plastic biscuit cutter we can use not only to cut biscuits. We can make tea sandwiches, cut out bread to make toast with an egg inside. We can also use it to shape a salad or dessert on the plate for a fancy presentation.


Use the straight side of the bottle to cut the round. On my bottle, it is where the label of the bottle. Make a small cut with a knife, so will be easy to start cut with scissors as I show in the flower cookie cutter above.

*If you going to use a large bottle to make a round cookie cutter, mark where the cut should be. One side of the cookie cutter should be very straight, so when we place it on the table it doesn’t have any gaps.

Shape Burger Meat With Plastic Bottle Ring

Photo Plastic wrap burger lining

Cut out a round of plastic bottles can be a great mold to shape burger meat if you need a small size burger. Just place plastic food wrap inside and place meat in. Slightly press with the flat bottom of a glass. Remove the plastic ring by pulling the plastic wrap and the perfect size burger is ready!

*I use in the photo dessert dish but a ring made out of a plastic bottle works great too.

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Toast With Egg Inside With A Biscuit Cutter

We can make with the plastic biscuit cutter the perfect round cut out of bread. Egg in a hole is a simple and fun breakfast idea!

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Round Tea Sandwich

Photo Christmas tree Garnish from cucumber Photo

            A plastic biscuit cutter is a great tool to make tea sandwiches. In the photo, I garnished with a cucumber Christmas tree tea sandwich. My sandwich with cream cheese and salmon.

Read more about the technique with video ⇒ 15 Easy Cucumber Garnish Ideas With Many Photos And Videos

Shaping Mousse Or Jello Desserts

          Plastic bottle side we can use to make round shape mousse or jello-based desserts. The key to using plastic bottles safe for desserts is only to place cold or room temperature ingredients. Plastic bottles do not design to use for hot food.

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3. How To Make A Heart Cookie Cutter Out Of Plastic Bottle

Photo cookie cutters out bottle

What can we use if we don’t have a heart cookie cutter? Use a plastic bottle to make one! The heart cookie cutter is seamless and very easy to make. We can make heart-shaped cookies without store-bought cookie cutters so easily from a soda bottle or water bottle. We need a 1-inch tall round out of the plastic bottle. I showed the technique above which part of the bottle we need. Then just in two steps, I made a homemade heart-shaped plastic cookie cutter, and it is perfect to make cookies in heart shape. Check the easy way how we can make heart-shaped cookie cutters.


  1. Cut out round out of a soda bottle.

2. Flaten out the round cut out of the plastic bottle.

Photo Plastic heart cutter 1

3. To shape the heart I bend the top towards the bottom. Make sure you press even from both sides.

Photo Plastic heart cutter 2

4. The heart-shaped cookie cutter in the shape of the heart is ready to use.

Photo Plastic heart cookie cutter 3

In the photo below I cut rolled sugar cookie dough. My homemade plastic cookie cutter worked great! Yes, it is not as rigid as a metal cookie cutter but works well to make cookies as you can see in the photo.

My hearts and flowers cookies are ready to go to the oven!

This is one of the ways to make homemade heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day without store-bought cookie cutters. The result is so impressive! Can you tell these cookies are made with homemade cookie cutters? I don’t! The heart shape is perfect for me!

1. Cute With Heart Shape Inside Watermelon Presentation For Party

Cute watermelon presentation with a heart inside. The technique is so easy and we don’t waste any watermelon meat. It is a great use for our plastic cookie cutter. I used the heart as the pattern to make the heart shape in the middle of the watermelon. Check out the technique, the link below.

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2. Toast With Egg Heart Shape Inside

Another great use for the cookie-cutter is to make eggs in the middle of bread toast. So easy and I am going to share, how I did it.

Cut off the heart in the bread. Toast one side of the bread (heart and bread with design) as you like and then turn upside down toasts. Place the egg inside the heart. To make york exactly how I want on the middle of the heart, I hold the york with a spoon in a desirable position by the point egg’s white cooked enough to hold the york as I want. Cook the bread on medium heat. Great idea for a romantic breakfast to impress your family and friends!

*The heart in the bread in the photo I cut with my homemade plastic cutter. Didn’t have time to make fancy photos.

Or we can make a toast to decorate the breakfast plate for a romantic meal.

*How to make without any mold the cute flower-shaped hard boiled eggs learn here (Easy!) ⇒ 3 Easy Hard Boiled Egg Garnish Techniques – No Molds

Photo Heart Shaped Breakfast Food Toast

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3. Handmade Tea Sandwich Maker

The homemade cookie cutter also can be used to cut bread. It is a great solution how do you cut a heart-shaped bread to make tea sandwiches or small toasts.

4. Pancakes Cutouts For Valentines Day Romantic Breakfast

Make pancakes and cut out hearts for your loved ones! Leftovers of pancakes can be frozen and heated up later.

5. Shape Heart Shape Salad Or Dessert

We can shape salad or desserts so easily with a homemade plastic heart cutter.

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4. Cat Face Cookie Cutter From Plastic Bottle

To make a homemade cat face cookie cutter I used a round cut. I just pinched plastic in two places to make the cat’s ears and it is ready to use!

My cat’s face cookie cutter works great! We can decorate these cookies with glace icing or a drow design with cholcolate. But I choose to make an easy and fun design.

I make cat’s eyes with a strow.

And to make my cats smile, I added mouth by press a spoon on them.

My cookies are so cute and fun!

*We can also use the cat shape to make savory or sweet sandwiches for kids, and toasts shaped in cat heads (eyes can be made out of cream cheese, for example.

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5. How To Make Plastic Cookie Cutter In The Shape Of Fish

My plastic fish cookie cutter I made the same way as my cat cookie cutter. To make my custom fish shaped cookie cutter in less than a minute! I just bent plastic slightly differently than cat cookie cutter.

 To make cute my fish cookies I add eyes and mouth. I used a straw and spoon to make fish faces, the same as with cats cookies.

 My fish cookies are so cute!

*The plastic cutter is great to use to make homemade crackers in the shape of fish.

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