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2 Cute And Fun Pear Garnish Ideas For Desserts, Cheese Platters, Drinks And More

Photo Hedgehog From Pear With Cheese

        Pear garnish can be a cute and fun decoration for different events. For example, pear can be so appropriate decor for cheese presentation along with other fruits and honey, fruit platters and much more. I am going share 2 techniques on the page how to make hedgehog and bird from pears. Hedgehog and bird from pear add a fun and decorative touch to the table. Both techniques easy and no time consuming to make. However, pears can darken after we cut it and for this reason pear is not common garnish on party tables. I can say the best way to make pear garnish cut just when ready to serve. Can we slow down the darkening process and make in advance pear garnishes? Yes.


How Do We Keep Pears From Turning Brown?

         To keep pears from turning brown most common method to coat cut area with lemon or lime juice. For the best result, cover pear garnish with food plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.

         Another method more complicated and time consuming but still exist in the cooking world, we can cover the fruit with clear lemon jello to prevent darkening. Make jello and cool off it, so it still liquid but not hot. Cover the pear with jello and place in refregerator until jello set.

        I saw on the Instagram some catering company decorated fruit platters with pear hedgehogs and looks so cute. I asked the chef what they do to prevent darkening pear and the answer was easy. They coat pears hedgehog with lemon juice before decorating it.

*On the bottom of the technique you can see examples of pear hedgehogs after 2 hours and 3 hours. Of course, different pears can be react differently, I used most common green ones for my test.

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1. How To Make Pear Hedgehog For Fruit Platter Or Cheese Platter

        Pear hedgehog is creative garnish idea for fun and very entertaining fruit platter, cheese platter or just as snack as is. This pear grape hedgehog makes everyone smile when our guests see it on the table. This super cute garnish easily can be made from any kind pear. I used on my photos green pears but dark pear or red pear looks great too. On the top needles of pear hedgehog, we can place additional decorations for more realistic effect. For example, I made the mushroom from strawberry and steam of the mushroom from the bottom of the same pear. The butterfly I made with small cookie cutter from orange zest. We don’t have to make anything to place on the needles, it can be simplest small strawberry or other small berries or fruits as well. Another option, if you have available edible flowers are cute decor too on our cute pear hedgehog. Some candies can be placed on the top too and the limit is only our imagination!

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We Need

  1. Pear
  2. Grapes
  3. Toothpicks
  4. Knife
  5. Black sesam seeds
  6. Lemon or lime juice to prevent discoloration.

How To Make Pear Grape Hedgehog

  1. Select pear for hedgehog with a stem because we are going to attached a hedgehog nose on it.

* I use stem because it is a safe way to attached a nose. Steam is soft and actually can be expected. I saw online some people use small piece of toothpick to attached nose. I agree, a small chance anybody is going to eat the pear. However, stay on the safe side and don’t use a piece of toothpick!

If you have a suggestion to attache a nose other ways, please leave in comments below.

Photo Pear grape hedgehog step 1

2. Peel the front part of the pear and shape hedgehog nose.

3. Cut the bottom for stability a hedgehog on the plate.

4. Stick grapes on a wooden picks and pin them into the pear.

5. I make small openings for eyes with a toothpick and place sesame seeds inside. The nose I make from blueberry and placed on a steam.

*Make the nose from different berry or fruit than on the top of hedgehog. I tried to make the nose from same grape, looks not impressive as if you use different color grapes for example.

*If using premade eyes, choose edible options. For example, for couple dollars we can find “Candy Eyeballs”. They can be different quality, so try them out in advance.

So cute and fun garnish idea for kids party or other events!

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The First Pear Hedgehog After 2 Hours

      I left my pears for 2 hours and 3 hours at room temperature and very satisfied with the result! On the first fruit, I used lemon juice to coat it. As you can see on the first photo, hedgehog I left at room temperature and didn’t cover with a plastic wrap. I noticed slightly discoloration on the skin and looks still presentable. If we cover with a plastic wrap and leave at refregerator, the result will be much better!

The Second Pear Hedgehog After 3 Hours

      The hedgehog on cheese platter I coat with lime juice and cover with plastic wrap on the top. The platter was at room temperature for 3 hours. Of course, refrigerator better, but I was curious how will be look at room temperature. My hedgehog looks so good after 3 hours! Just small discoloration on the edge of skin.

      In conclusion, I can say pears what I used great to make hedgehogs in advance for party. Just coat with lime and lemon juice, cover with plastic wrap and if possible keep in cold environment as a refrigerator or cold room.

As always, before try new garnish ideas, practice to serve at least one time for your family. This way you never have surprises and stresses before an important event.

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VIDEO How To Make Hedgehog Garnish From Pear And Grapes

2. How To Make Cute Bird From Pear For Kids Fruit Platter

Photo Bird from pear garnish

        We can make another easy and cute pear garnish in shape of a bird. I was looking on a bird from pear in one of my garnish books and like the idea to make bird from pear because cute. The eyes made from clove spice and beak from carrot in the book. Looks cute but for my bird to make eyes and beak I used different ingredients. It comes out cute too as you can see on my photos. So cute and easy pear garnish for kids parties.

        The pear bird can be used to decorate fruit platter for kids, cheese boards or use as a decoration on a party table as is. We can use this pear decor for most kids party themes because bird compliments any decor, in my opinion. To make a bird takes couple minutes and we don’t need any carving skills to make it.

We Need

  1. Pear
  2. Black sesame seeds
  3. Knife
  4. Lemon or lime juice to prevent discoloration.

How To Make Bird From Pear

  1. Cut the bottom off the pear for stability on the plate.

Photo Bird from pear 1

2. I cut from the bottom a small rectangle from pear skin. Coat with lemon or lime juice.

Photo Bird from pear 2Photo Bird from pear 3

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3. I make 2 small V shaped cuts out like on the photo to make wings for my bird and just before serving my pear garnish moved slightly out.

Photo Bird from pear 4Photo Bird from pear 5

4. To make a small cut with a paring knife and insert folded in half triengle from pear skin. this way the beak will be look good from all views.

Photo Bird from pear 6

5. I poked 2 small wholes with a toothpick where I want to be the bird eyes. In openings I inserted sesame seeds and my eyes are ready.

I recommend use only edible eyes, especially if you serve for kids. I saw online some people using eyes made from plastic, very cute but I strongly suggest, use edible versions maybe not so realistic but safe. Kids like to try everything cute.

Photo Bird from pear 7Photo Bird from pear 8

The bird from pear is so cute pear garnish idea!

Photo Bird Form Pear humor

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Food Humor – Pear Fun Face

    I was shopping in a store for pears and look what I found! The pear face was looking at me and smiling! So cute!

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