17 Creative Notes Ideas On Bananas For Our Loved Ones And 2 Methods To Write

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       For the first time, I saw banana art online and was interested in how we can use it as an easy way for our loved ones. I start my research and found a few ideas about notes on bananas for kids’ lunch boxes and much more. In my opinion, the best use for writing and drawing on bananas is edible markers or use the natural tendency of bananas’ skin to get dark if it is damaged. Ink designed for paper is not edible and can possibly get on hand skin and food. Edible markers are inexpensive and safe to use around food. I have all the details with photos on the page of how writing with both methods looks like and you choose what method you like more.

      I remember I was writing notes for my kids and husband in the past but it was just paper. I wish I knew the idea to write on bananas because it is a fun way to bring a smile to our loved ones. Expect just a banana for a snack at work or school and here is a note! And if you have an artistic, possibilities are endless!  Take a look, you maybe find an interesting idea on this page to surprise your family or friends.

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17 Notes Ideas To Write On Bananas Skin

     Here are notes ideas for banans skin I like the most! Some bananas note are fun, some cute, and some inspirational. Take a look you might fund some interesting ideas for your loved one!

Creative Notes On Bananas

  1. My favorite note to write on a banana I found on the Internet is “I am bananas for you!”

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2. Another fun and cute note can be “Let’s never split!” Great when we pairing banana with other fruits.

Photo How to write on bananas split

3. With this note to write on banana, I come out myself. “Eat more apples!”

4. Another fun idea to write on banana fruit is “I find you very appeeling!”

Photo Banana fun food art

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5. This note probably more reminding to throw banana’s peel to a trash can not on the street.  “Don’t slip on me!”

6. Simple and fun “Banana time! :)”

Photo Banana time fun note

7. I like these kind notes! “Please eat me!” or “Please eat me! I am delicious!” or “Eat me! I am so sweet!”

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The Note On Bananas For Kids Or Just For Everyone

8. “I Love You!”  The note is so simple and nice to write to anybody. The note I made with the dull side of a wooden skewer and the photo taken after I wrote the note 12 hours ago.

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Photo How to write on bananas

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9. “Smile!”  This note is so positive and great for any person, young or old.

Photo Writing on bananas Smile

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10. “Have A Sweet Day!” simple and sweet note to write on a banana skin. Great idea to put a banana in the lunch box.

Photo Note On Banana Day

11. “Happy Lunch Time!” is a simple note and looks cute with a smiley face on the banana.

More Notes On Bananas Ideas

12. You are loved ♥

13. You are #1

14. Today is your day!

15. You are the Best!

16. You are incredible!

17. Have a good day!

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How To Write On Bananas With Object

     Bananas darken if we damaged the skin. This banana’s ability is very beneficial if we write on the banana’s skin. We can draw the shape of our design or write a message with an object or marker. We don’t need to use ink! The message or drawing on bananas is so nice surprise for the lunchbox! A person opens the box and there is a message “I Love You!” or other inspirational notes.

     The bruising banana art becomes so popular on pandemic days. People had time for hobbies and we discover more talented people. I saw their work on social media and admire their talents! Artists use banana peel as the canvas for their drawings. We don’t have to use any paint to make banana art. It is really worth trying if you have art skills.

We Need


Any pointed object (Skewer)

Technique 2

  1. Write or draw on a banana with a pointed sharp object.

2. If we just write on banana without damaging the skin, darkening sometimes takes so long. As you can see on the photo words are not so noticeable even after a few hours.

3. If you write a few hours before lunch, be sure the note will be noticeable in time. When we write on bananas we need to damage the thin top layer of the banana skin. The sharp skewer is the best.

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How To Write On Bananas With Edible Markers

     The easiest way to write on bananas messages is by using markers. For writing on bananas skin especially for kids, in my opinion, to use edible markers what is safe to use on food. Edible markers, inexpensive and we can buy at Walmart or other stores in the cake decor section. I used Wilton edible markers.

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We Need


Wilton edible markers

Technique 1

1. I used edible markers as I use ink markers. The photo I took right after I wrote on the banana.

I used black, red and blue markers. XOXO I drawed with a blue marker. When we drawing with a blue marker on banana skin it is will be green color.

2. The photo I took the next day approximately after 24 hours. The note looks great!

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Fun Banana Idea In Joie Monkey Banana Pod Holder

    Photo Joie monkey themed keeper

         So cute and fun Joie monkey themed banana pod holder. Great to keep banana from smashing in the bag and give the kid to school for lunch. The container has a clear top with a monkey face design on it and yellow bottom. It has also the round shape opening for banana’s pull tab. We can keep the whole banana inside the holder with the pull tab, which is more practical because it will be not touching anything if we carry it in the bag. The kid can keep banana peel inside the holder if no trash can around. On the photo, I left the pull tab out and cut it into stripes, so it looks like the monkey fur.

       I have the holder and want to share the idea to decorate the banana before place in the banana container.  I wish I can do better drawing but it is still so cute and nice addition besides note on banana we can make. I drove monkey’s paws and tail and it looks like it belongs to monkey’s face from the Joie banana holder.

The holder fits most of the banana shapes. However, some very curvy banana might not fit in the holder.


We can use this idea and draw a monkey on a banana. Another way to make a fun design on the banana.

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How To Tattoo Bananas

        A great project to do with kids is kind of make fun “tattoos” on bananas. I suggest using paper napkins designs for tracing. If we use the fabric to trace design we can’t see clearly what we already traced. If we use printed paper design from our computer, ink what is not food proof can easy to get inside of banana meat and even it is not too much, still not good.

        Place on the banana pattern and secure with tape. Trace the pattern design by poking the skin with a skewer or other sharp object.

Have Too Many Bananas?


       Freeze bananas and when ready make banana bread. Frozen bananas the best to use in banana bread.

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Bananas Jokes


      Photo Bananas horror


      Photo A banana smoothie joke 1

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      Photo A banana smoothie joke

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