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How To Make Lotus Linen Napkin Fold In Wine Glass For Holiday Table

Lotus napkin fold in wine glass

      Lotus napkin fold in wine glass is really easy to make cloth napkin art! It is impressive in any color napkin to match your theme. Lotus is a stunning solution for linen napkin folds for summer weddings or other formal events! Napkin flowers in a glass elevate the table’s appearance. If you want beautiful china plates not covered with napkins, place napkins in glass. This is an easy cloth napkin fold and is unique. My blossom linen napkin fold tutorial is very detailed with step by step pictures and you’ll find it effortless to create this fold, even if it’s your first time trying it out. You easily can turn an ordinary napkin into a conversation piece for your party table!

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  1. Fold the napkin corners towards the center.

2. Fold the corners again towards the center.

3. Fold for the third time the corners towards the center.

4. Turn around the square. Fold the corners towards the center as we did 3 times on the other side.

5. Turn carefully around the folded napkin square and place it on top of a wine glass. Place in the center of the napkin dinner knife with a rounded tip to hold the napkin in place. I used a dinner knife with a rounded tip, so it does not damage my napkin.

6. Hold with knife napkin in place. 4 outside petals fold in half. It is important to fold it in half because 4 outside petals hold the flower together.

7. Hold the napkin with a knife and unfold the petals inside the flower. Remove the knife and the lotus flower will stay in the wine glass very well.

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These Blossom linen napkins in wine glass are impressive in any color napkin!

I suggest watching the video below and repeat step by step for the first time. It makes it much easier to make the first flower.


Video How To Make Lotus Linen Napkin Fold In Wine Glass

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