Cloth Napkin Fold Idea For Romantic Dinner Or Valentine’s Day

        Linen napkins folded into hearts add romantic charm to the table and are a beautiful way to show love to our family and friends. We can decorate the anniversary table, special date night, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or wedding, or decorate the table for other occasions as well. Great napkin fold if we need to add a name tag because it has space in the center to place the tag. The heart can be changed in size, as I explained in my tutorial and shown in my video below. Hearts made out of linen napkins make your table fancy and event memorable! 

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    A white linen napkin in the shape of a heart is great for any occasion!

Heart linen napkin fold step by step:

  1. We can use any size napkin as long it is square. Fold the napkin in half into triangles as I show in the photo below.

*I used a 17″ square napkin in the photos.

2. Fold the left side and right side as I show in the photo. The napkin will look like an envelope.

3. Fold the left side and right side to the center.

4. Turn around and roll the top. The heart size we can make slightly smaller or bigger, it depends on how much we roll the top.

5. Unfold the sides as I show in the photo. The heart is ready.

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The heart cloth napkin folding is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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Heart Linen Napkin Folding. Great for Romantic Dinner!

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