Russian Tuna Salad Recipe With Egg And Onion And Garnish Ideas


        This tuna salad recipe is so easy to make and great on toasted bread. I call it Russian tuna salad because this recipe is so common when I was living in Russia. My American husband calls this tuna salad – Russian tuna salad. Originally this salad in Russia was made with canned salmon instead of tuna, so if you like, you can try with salmon as well. It is a more winter tuna salad recipe than summer to my taste. This simple tuna salad with egg we can make with cooked tuna as well. It is a really good tuna salad recipe because just a few ingredients needed and it is tasty. The amount of each ingredient can warry to taste. To be honest, I never follow the exact amount of each ingredient, just adjust the taste at the end. Of course, the better taste of each ingredient better will be our salad, everybody knows that. Mostly I serve this salad on toasted bread as a tuna sandwich. Give it a try!

 To make mayonnaise takes a few minutes and it so much better than we buy at the store! Try one time to make and you will be surprised how good homemade mayonnaise is.

Photo How to make homemade mayonnaise recipeRecommended ⇒ Homemade Mayonaise Recipe and Very Detailed Technology Of Preparation. I base the info on my old Russian textbook from culinary college.


16 oz ( 452 g ) of tuna in water ( 4 cans  )

2.6 oz  ( 70g ) onion

2 hard-boiled eggs

0.5 cup of diced dill pickles

1/4 cup marinade from pickles (to marinade onion)

2 tablespoon mayonnaise


Black pepper

Photo Tuna salad recipe ingredients

A dash of Cajun spice mix compliments the taste of the tuna salad.

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Cooking Direction:

  1. Dice fine onion.

2. Marinade onion in pickle juice.

Photo Tuna salad recipe onion in marinade

I added dry dill, just bring more color to the photo.

3. Open and drain very well tuna. Dice eggs and add to tuna.

4. Drain onion and add to tuna.

5. Peel and dice dill pickles. Add to tina.

6. Try salad and add salt and black pepper to taste. I added some Louisiana spices mix, just touch.

I added some Louisiana spices mix, just touch.

I am originally from Siberia but live in a subtropical climate in the USA for many years. My food preferences changed with time. I like more spices in my food now. The explanation is very easy. Spices help people resist hit in hot weather. I lived in Siberia and South Russia city Krasnodar, I can say in Krasnodar people use much more spices than in Siberia. Same in the USA. On the North, city Seattle, the USA at restaurants I feel a big difference in the amount of spice used in food compare to New Orleans.

Enjoy great tuna salad recipe!

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How To Garnish Tuna Salad

Photo Easy celery garnish ideas sandwich

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        Tuna salad on a plate we can garnish with sliced eggs (so pretty!), pickles, green onion, parsley, and fresh dill.

       Garnish for a fancy tuna sandwich can have much more variation! For example, we attach a sandwich stick on the top, which makes a fancy tuna sandwich by itself and holds it together too. We can order online even custom picks and make our custom pick to carry a message. Oh, so large selection these days!

       Another garnish on a stick for a fancy tuna sandwich can be pickles, olives, small pickled onions, and red marinaded onion slices. In the photo above, I make a flower from celery with an olive on the top with a just simple toothpick.

Photo Flower from pickle peelon

This cute tuna sandwich I garnished with pickle flower. This technique call flower from a peel.

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On the photo below, I served a tuna sandwich with onion flower stuffed with green onion salad.

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       Photo Onion Flower Garnish

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