Old Fashion Russian Pork Beef Dumplings Recipe – Siberian Pelmeni

       Siberian pelmeni is a very common dish in the North of Russia. Pelmeni ( пельмени ) are meat dumplings. Great to serve on cold days in wintertime. I remember when I was a girl we were making pelmeni with the whole family. Mom had an enamel bucket with a lid, especially for pelmeni. We make so many and keep them on the balcony. Pelmeni was perfectly frozen like in a deep freezer with harsh Siberian winter. Making pelmeni is a time-consuming process and better to make so many at the same time, freeze and enjoy it for a few months. I tried so many variations of dough for pelmeni and the best is a classic version to me. The good quality pelmeni should keep the shape well and meet inside when we cook them. I choose to share on my website the recipe from old collection recipes for cooks 1983. Of course, I add my personal touch to the recipe. I need to mention, pelmeni is a Northen dish and in the North where is a long and very cold winter, people add spices much less than in the South where is very hot weather. I noticed it in Russia and the same in the USA. The reason is spiced meals help to resist heat in a hot climate. I live now in a subtropical climate for many years and like slightly spicy food now.

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       Update. On the page, I show how I make dough with Kitchen Aid mixer. However, now I have another favorite machine to make the dough – bread making machine. If you have one put liquid ingredients first then flour and salt. Choose to make pasta option and you’re done. Make sure to let dough rest for at least 30 minutes.

Siberian Pelmeni Recipe

Dough Ingredients:

700 g – flour

2 eggs

260 ml of water (warm water 30°C)

15 g salt

The Meat Filling Ingredients:

400g ground beef

400g ground pork

100g onion puree

1 tablespoon dry parsley and dill

100g water

1/2 teaspoon sugar

20g salt

pepper to taste

*Sugar is not for sweetness in the meat, sugar in this recipe to brighten up the flavor.


Salt can be different and to be sure your meat has the right saltiness and taste make a simple test. Make a small meat patty and fry it. If taste good, start to make pelmeni.

Dough Preparation

I like to use a Kitchen Aid mixer to make dough because this way I don’t have to do additional kneading with my hands. When I didn’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer, I used a food processor. It helps but I still need to knead the dough after using it. We can make the dough in bread making machine as well. If you don’t have any of these kitchen appliances, make the dough by hand.

Preparation Dough With Kitchen Aid Mixer

  1. Sift the flour and add salt.

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Photo pelmeni flour

2. Add to flour egg mixture and warm water.

Flour has different moisture and can take different amounts of water. The best add water gradually and see the consistency of dough.

3. Use hook attachment and mix the flour with liquid ingredients. The dough should be looks like clay. If the dough is too dry and you used all water from the recipe, start adding more water by tablespoons gradually.

The best way to add all liquid ingredients to dry ingredients. The reason flour is not flying around and it is easy to make a dough this way.

4. Leave the dough for 30 -40 minutes to rest. It is developing the gluten in the dough and our dough will have more elasticity.

Shaping Pelmeni

5. Roll the dough. Make round cut-outs with a small glass.

Photo dough shaping

7. Place meat with a teaspoon inside the dough. Slightly press the meat in the dough.

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7. Close the dough and seal by pressing both sides together.

8. Take side A and side B and press them together.

9. Make a small batch of pelmeni and place it in the freezer before start making the next batch. I usually use a cutting board (cookie pan) to freeze pelmeni. Generously cover the cutting board with flour before place pelmeni. Good to use also wax paper to cover the cutting board to prevent pelmeni stick to the surface. Frozen pelmeni I place in a ziplock bag with the date on it. You can keep pelmeni in a deep freezer for many months.

We can place a few cutting boards on top of each other. Place on the corners small bowls or ramekin with the same hight and put the next cutting board on the top.

How To Cook Pelmeni

10. Bring to boil a pot of water. Add salt, pepper, dry parsley, and bay leaf to water (very good with bouillon cubes). Add pelmeni to boiling water and mix it gently, make sure they don’t stick to the bottom of the pot. When pelmeni start floating on the top cook 5 minutes more.

*I like to cook 2-3 extra pelmeni in the pot. When they are ready cut one and make sure it is well done.

Don’t have time to cook for the family or guests? Always good to have pelmeni in the freezer. Cooking pelmeni is so simple! Add some generous amount of sour cream, butter, and black pepper. Greens are always good too! So many ways to serve pelmeni. Check a few more ideas! Serve with a frozen flower from a butter. The WOW factor will be for a moment but looks so good and impressive!

Greens can be parsley, green dill, onion chives, garlic chives, or some people like pelmeni with green onion too.

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How To Serve Russian Pelmeni Ideas

Pelmeni With Sour Cream Sauce

For 2 portions. Mix 2 tablespoons sour cream with 2 tablespoons melted butter and 2 tablespoons liquid from pelmeni. Mix well all ingredients. Add a few drops of white vinegar or Hot Louisiana to the sauce. Pour sauce on top of the pelmeni. Sprinkle with freshly grounded black pepper and green dill (parsley). Oh, so good for a cold winter day!

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