15 Creative Ways How I Use Melon Baller Scoop Beyond Melon

Photo Melon Baller Uses

         Melon Baller scoop is a very useful and multipurpose kitchen tool in my kitchen. I am going to share melon baller uses ideas about how I like to use it. We can call it a garnishing tool but the melon baller purpose in my kitchen is much more than just for garnish food. I use it much wider than just making balls from fruits. Very important to buy the right melon baller! Based on my own experience going to share tips on how to choose the right melon baller that will be working for you for many years.

        A melon baller is known also as a Parisienne scoop and melon ball scooper. This kitchen tool has been named melon baller because the main purpose is to create attractive servings for melons and Pommes Parisienne potatoes. Parisienne potatoes are named after the Parisienne scoop. I didn’t try to make Parisienne potatoes yet but I use them for many other tasks in my kitchen and not only for garnish. Melon ballers have not only round shapes they can also be oval. I have one oval-shaped melon baller, great for adding a few small details to dessert garnish or cocktail garnishes. It makes me smile when I make strawberry people’s faces with the round-shaped melon baller, for example. This fun and easy-to-make garnish idea for kids! How to make this strawberry garnish take a look below on the page.

Photo Dessert garnished with melon baller

      I use my melon ballers in the photo above for many purposes and the quality of the melon spoon is important. One of my favorite melon ballers I have slightly bent with time. Other than that, I love it. It has sharp edges and pretty good solid construction. I have used KitchenAid melon baller for over 5 years now. Another round melon baller I purchased just recently. My new baller is from the company “Salt” and I like it too.

On the page:

3 Melon Baller shopping tips that will save you time and money.

Melon baller substitute idea.

How to make perfect balls out of fruits with a melon baller technique.

What else can we use a melon baller for?

15 Creative Ways To Use a Melon Baller:

  1. Making fruit garnish for desserts
  2. Melon baller makes great capers serving spoon
  3. Great tool to remove stems and cut strawberries
  4. Hollow tomatoes for stuffing
  5. Serving ice cream in small portions
  6. Serving butter in the shape of balls
  7. Cucumber cup and boat
  8. Removing chock from artichoke
  9. Scoop potatoes for stuffing
  10. Deseed for stuffing pear or apple
  11. Deseed jalapenos pepper
  12. Making meatballs
  13. How to make cute and unique kids’ garnish
  14. Making pelmeni
  15. A fun way to serve fruits for kids

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3 Melon Baller Shopping Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

      Make sure you read my ultimate guide for melon baller shopping and everything you need to know about this kitchen tool. I use melon ballers for so long and going to share important tips which I learned with time.

       In a few words what to look for when shop for a melon baller. The best melon baller is made out of metal, has a hole in the bowls and a solid handle.


     Be sure your melon baller has a hole in the bowl. I saw on the market some melon ballers don’t have a hole. To make perfect fruit balls this feature is very important! The hole is allowed air and juice through when we make balls from fruit and vegetables. Another purpose for the hole in the bowl of a melon baller, when we create perfectly shaped balls, is we can easy to see through. When we deep the bowl into the fruit then we deep enough and the bowl filled with fruit completely, so when we rotate it will be the perfect shape.


        Buy a melon baller with sharp edges of the bowl. For hard fruits and vegetables is very important melon baller is sharp enough. I saw at some stores melon ballers made from plastic, it is going to work great on soft fruits, what originally design for this tool. However, multitasks better to get a melon baller with a body made of metal.



        I don’t suggest buying a melon baller with a wooden handle. My melon baller with a wooden handle comes apart after a few uses. Maybe it was just not good quality one but I am sharing what I experienced.

Photo How to use melon baller in the kitchen

 Melon Ballers I Use

       I use my melon baller for many purposes and the quality of the tool is important. One of my favorite melon ballers I have slightly bent with time. Other than that, I love it. It has sharp edges and pretty good solid construction. I use KitchenAid melon baller for many years. Other than my round melon baller from the company “Salt”, which I just bought a few years ago. Works great too so far!

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Melon Baller Substitute Ideas


      We can substitute melon ballers with metal measuring spoons if they have sharp edges. For example, make fancy dessert garnish and we need to make melon balls without a scooper. Measuring spoons not easy to use instead of a melon baller for every task but if we need we can, especially for soft fruits as watermelon and melon. What I like about this melon baller substitute, they come in a few sizes. With these measuring spoons and we can make different size balls to garnish desserts or other dishes.  I tried to use to scoop core from the apple and it works fine. I can use it to make a few balls garnishes. However, my measuring spoons not design for this task and bent so easily. Another downside, missing the hole on the spoon. The hole on the melon baller is important if we make balls from watermelon as an example. The juice escapes from the hole and we can make easy perfectly shaped watermelon balls.

Photo Melon Baller Substitute

To make large fruit balls we can use an ice cream scoop, which can be used as another melon baller substitute option. I make watermelon balls when don’t have time to make smaller ones with a melon baller and it worked great.

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The Ultimate Guide How To Use A Melon Baller On Watermelon To Make Perfect Balls

      To make perfect balls from watermelon or other fruits is so easy with a melon baller. I am going to show how to use a melon baller on watermelon. The technique is the same for all fruits, ice cream or butter.

  1. Place the melon baller as deep as possible into the pulp of the watermelon.

  2. Rotate the watermelon baller.

  The perfect ball is ready for fruit salad for other desserts!

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 Watermelon balls served in the watermelon basket look so cute!

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1. How To Make Fruit Garnish For Desserts With Melon Baller

Photo Dessert garnished with melon baller

      We can use a melon ball cutter garnish tool to make decorative fruit salads, drinks, fruit kebabs, and garnish desserts with fruit balls. A few fruit balls for a breakfast very decorative and delicious addition to the meal! In the photo below I served fruit dessert with Melba toast. Melba toast is a very thin toast.

Read how to make Melba toast and why it is called Melba → Origin of Melba Toast and Peach Melba Dessert

    Photo How to use melon baller dessert

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2. Use Melon Baller As Capers Serving Spoon


     Using a melon baller to remove and drain capers is a clever and practical tip! I learned from one of my cooking books. Jars with capers are usually narrow and it is not easy to pick the right amount of capers when we need them without spilling the brining liquid. A melon baller is the perfect tool to pick the right amount of capers without brine. The smaller end of the melon baller fits in most tiny jars with brined capers. The hole in the bottom allows us to drain the brine and we have perfectly drain capers. This great tool saves us time and mess when we need capers. A melon baller is a great substitute for a caper serving spoon.

*We can use also a melon baller as a serving spoon to pick pickled cherry peppers, maraschino cherries, and olives as well.

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3. Melon Baller Is A Great Kitchen Tool To Remove Stems And Cut Strawberries

        Another great use for melon baller is to remove strawberry stems! I learned the new use for my baller when was making strawberry jam this season. I have a few strawberry hullers as you can see in the photos, some better than others but my favorite is a melon baller for sure. I remove the stem and if need to cut strawberries, I use the same tool. A melon baller is really multitask tool!

*The red and green strawberry huller number 3 from the top I don’t like at all! It was advertised so much online, so I purchased one. The reason I don’t like it, it impossible to reassemble for cleaning.

As you can see in the photo below, strawberry looks great and not much waste of the berries.

In the photo below, my strawberry cut with a melon baller for my future jam.

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4. How To Use Mellon Baller To Hollow Tomatoes

           Stuffed tomatoes so common appetizers on Holiday tables! The best for stuffing is small and medium-size tomatoes. A melon baller is a very handy tool to use for stuffing tomatoes. I tried to hull tomatoes with a spoon in the past because the edge not sharp, it is not easy to do and can possibly damage the skin. Mellon baller is a great tool for hollow vegetables for stuffing.

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5. Serving Ice Cream In Small Portions With Melon Baller

Photo Melon Baller Ice Cream

             This method to serve ice cream is most impressive when we have a few flavors and different colors of ice cream. When I use my melon baller with ice cream for more than one portion for great effect the best to have a cup of warm water. When I warm up the baller, ice cream comes out much easy, the same as with an ice cream scoop. So cute to garnish ice cream dessert with small balls of colorful ice cream or ball of fruits. In the photo above, I decorated the top of the ice cream with a few small ice cream balls and the same size fruit balls. In the photo below, the bottom ice cream balls large in size and on the top 3 small sizes.


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6. Serving Butter With Melon Baller

           The melon baller so fun to use for butter serving. It is one of the ways to make decorative butter pats. So cute shapes serve for breakfast or other occasions! The technique of how to make butter balls with a melon baller is the same as making balls from watermelon. Warm up the melon baller with warm water if the butter from the refrigerator for easy use.

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Photo Mannaya Kasha Garnished With Butter

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7. How To Make Cucumber Cup And Boat For Stuffing With A Melon Baller

         A very common, attractive, and fun way to serve cucumber appetizers is to make cucumber boats and cups with a melon baller. We can use cream cheese stuffing or hummus for these cute cucumber appetizers.

Check out the New Orleans recipe, you might like → Cream Cheese Shrimp Spread Recipe

Cucumber Cup Made With A Melon Baller

       Cut cucumber in the same size. Press melon baller and make a ball. The ball we can use to garnish drinks, salads, appetizers, make refreshing cucumber water and much more. The cucumber cups filled with stuffing and serve.

        Photo Cucumber cup with melon baller

      Cucumber balls so cute garnish for different beverages. On the photo, cucumber balls are great cucumber water garnish idea.

        Photo How to use melon baller

Cucumber Boat Made With A Melon Baller

Cut the cucumber into the desired size and into half. Remove the center and the base for the cucumber boat. Serve stuffed with cream cheese, for example.

        Photo Cucumber boat with melon baller

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8. Remove Choke From Artichoke With Melon Baller

            I love artichokes! For fresh artichoke, a melon baller is the best choice because it has a sharp edge and small enough size to rich the chock inside and long enough handle.

*For a cooked artichoke I prefer using a spoon because melon baller edges so sharp and easy remove more than wish to remove.

9. Scoop Potatoes With Melon Baller For Stuffing

           A very common dish in Russian cuisine is stuffed potatoes, easy to make and delicious way to serve potatoes. To core potatoes, we can use a melon baller. Just scoop out inside of potato and stuffed it with ground meat of other desirable stuffing.

Photo Russian Stuffed Potato

Check out this recipe ⇒ Russian Meat Stuffed Potato Recipe

           Photo Meat stuffed potato ready for sauce

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10. Core or Hull for Stuffing Pear and Apple

          Hull apple or pear very convenient with a melon baller. We can serve just as is or make apple balls and eat as a snack without seeds. Our apple looks just perfect where were seeds as you can see in the photo below. Very useful when we use apples for canning.

          My grandson’s favorite way to eat an apple. The apple balls come out maybe not perfect every time but so much fun for kids!

         Another way how to use a melon baller on apples is to remove inside apples for stuffing.

*I saw on Pinterest an interesting way to use a melon baller is to make caramel apples. Make small apple balls, place them on a stick, and cover them with caramel. Mini caramel apple fun to serve for kids! One downside, be honest, too much work to make it.

Photo Hall apple with melon baller 1

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11. How To Deseed Jalapeno Peppers With Mellon Baller

           When I make stuffed jalapenos peppers, a baller is so handy! We can use a spoon to deseed peppers but from my experience baller works so much better because has sharp edges. We don’t like spicy peppers and I usually remove seeds and membranes and baller just perfect. Can be used for other peppers as well, especially for small ones.

Photo Jalapeno Stuffed With Cheese With Garnish Idea Preparation

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12. Melon Baller To Make Meatballs For Soup

          Photo Melon baller meat ball

          A melon baller is a very good gadget to make small and even sizes meatballs for soup, especially when we cook for kids. Reason to use it great because before rolling in hands we can make even size meat pieces. Every meatball will be so nice and the same.

          Photo Melon baller meat balls soup

          Read more about this recipe ⇒ Russian Beef Meatball Soup With Chickpeas

13. Cute Strawberry Garnish For Kids Desserts With A Melon Baller

Photo Faces from strawberry with melon baller

      Fun, easy and so cute strawberry garnish made with a melon baller! Just a few steps and garnish is ready! The strawberry faces great to use on kid’s desserts, breakfast decor (On the photo I garnished yogurt), maybe some cake or pastry decor. So many variations to make it by using the base. Eyes can be made from different edible seeds instead of drawing with Wilton FoodWriter edible marker. The face we can make from different fruits. I use papaya just because, it is was not darkened fast for photos and what I had available at this time. Oh, so many variations to make different strawberry faces, I am going to share how I made my strawberry garnish in the photo.

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What we need

Wilton FoodWriter edible marker (black)

Melon baller

2  Large strawberries (I used with unusual shape strawberries but triangle shape looks great too)

For faces I used papaya.


  1. I removed from strawberry with a melon baller round shape where want to make a face. The same way with the same size of melon baller made a ball from papaya.

Photo Fruit face with melon baller step 1

2. I placed the ball made from papaya in the strawberry.

Photo Fruit face with melon baller step 2

3. I made a smiley mouth with my oval melon baller by pressing it in.

We can use a tip of a spoon with right shape too. Open mouth we can make with a strow.

Photo Fruit face with melon baller step 3

4. Make 2 dots with a Wilton FoodWriter edible marker.

When use edible markers on fruits with icid, clean it with papel towel after.

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Photo Fruit face with melon baller step 4

The eyes we can also make with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

Photo Faces from strawberry with melon baller

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14. Unusual Use For Melon Baller – Making Palmeni


           A melon baller is an unusual tool to use when making pelmeni but it works so well because every time I have the same amount of grounded meat inside the dough and each pelmeni come out the same size easy. Really recommend use melon baller instead of fork or spoon!

*Pelmeni is a Russian dumplings with grounded meat or other fillings inside.

           Check out this story about pelmeni ⇒ Siberian Pelmeni and Russian Beliefs

15. How To Make Kids Eat More Apple With Melon Baller


          How to make kids eat more apples by making apple balls with melon ballers I learned from my own family. My older grandson was 4 years old and can be tricky sometimes to make him eat fruits. However, when I offer to make balls from apples with melon ballers he always likes this idea. He likes to eat not only apple balls but also he likes to eat a funky-looking apple after I take balls out of the fruit. Try with your kids and maybe it will be a solution to make them eat more apples.

Photo Braspberry and raspberry garnish ideas peach bee 1Recommended ⇒ 4 Cute Raspberry Garnish Ideas With Photos

          How to make kids eat more apples by making apple balls with melon ballers I learned from my own family. My older grandson was 4 years old and can be tricky sometimes to make him eat fruits. However, when I offer to make balls from apples with melon ballers he always likes this idea. He likes to eat not only apple balls but also he likes to eat a funky-looking apple after I take balls out of the fruit. Try with your kids and maybe it will be a solution to make them eat more apples.

Avocado Toast Garnished With Melon Baller

        Photo Avocado toast garnish

           Avocado toast I made for myself! I made rounds from avocado and the rest of the fruit mixed up with cream cheese and a little salad dressing. On top of the toast, I have salmon. Looks so good to me, so I took a photo! A melon baller is a versatile tool in my kitchen and I use it very often.

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