Baked Jalapenos Poppers With Cream Cheese and Bacon With Easy Garnish Idea

          Stuffed jalapeno peppers with cream cheese I tried the first time at my friend’s Christmas party. The host shared the recipe with details, so easy and tasty appetizer idea. I add my touch to the dish and garnish my jalapeno poppers with edible roses. This bacon pepper roses garnish goes well on the platter of jalapenos. Easy to make and makes the presentation so fancy for the holiday table. I like the simple recipe but for curiosity give a try a few others. I tried with exotic ingredients to add roasted peppers in the filling, then more I added ingredients than less my family like my peppers. The best for my family is still the original 5 ingredients stuffed jalapenos recipe. The stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese have just a very mild spice, are very tasty, and are easy to make. If you like spicy just leave more seeds inside the pepper or add seeds to water when blanching peppers. It is up to your preferences. I tried sharp cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese, and Colby Jack cheese. We like Colby Jack cheese so far the best for the recipe. I can tell, in every recipe I tried peppers were gone the same day! Some we like more, some less but it is still a great snack. Try this simple recipe and you will be not disappointed!

Update in step 5! August, 2023

*The first version of the recipe was with turkey bacon (the photo below), which is probably a healthier version than with pork bacon. However, when I shared my recipe on Twitter a few friend bloggers told me with pork bacon the recipe will be much better. Thank you for the suggestion! So, I tried with pork bacon this recipe. Pork bacon gives a much better flavor and I make changes to the recipe on the page!

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8 jalapeno peppers

8 oz (226g) cream cheese

100g  Colby Jack Cheese

4 slices bacon

1 pinch garlic powder

Salt, if need it

Very important to know. Better to buy peppers just before the event, if you want them to have a mild taste. If we use not fresh peppers, they will be edible but very spicy, no matter how we clean them.

Cooking Direction

Preparation Poppers for Baking

I like to use gloves when working with jalapeno. Just in case if I touch eyes with fingers with jalapeno juice on them, it will be a not pleasant experience. I use a melon baller for so many tasks in my kitchen and one of my favorites is cleaning up jalapenos. It has sharp edges and works much better than a spoon to remove membranes from the pepper. 

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  1. Remove seeds and membranes from peppers with a spoon or melon baller.

Don’t wash peppers after removing seeds, remove all seeds manually. If you will wash, you wash out all pleasant nice heat completely from peppers.

Photo Jalapeno Stuffed With Cheese With Garnish Idea Preparation

2. Blanch peppers for 2 minutes. (Place in boiling water and boil. Don’t boil too many at the same time because not easy to manage and overcook.) Like spicy, add to water seeds as you want.

When I skiped this step, my family didn’t notice a big difference. However, skin is softer after parboiling and more pleasant to eat. So it is up to you do it or skip but I included this step in the recipe.

Photo Jalapeno stuffed with cheese boiling peppers

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Cheese Stuffing

3. Shred cheese. Mix cream cheese and Colby Jack cheese with a fork.

Cold cream cheese will be not easy to mix up with cheese if it is cold. Unwrap and place on a microwaveable plate cream cheese. Microwave on high 10 seconds. The cream cheese will be much easier to mix with cheese. Works every time!

4. Add a pinch of garlic powder. Taste the cheese mixture, if you need add salt to taste.

5. Place on a wire rack stuffed peppers and add bacon on top. Add a small piece of bacon to each pepper or wrapped in bacon. (I just tried to wrap peppers in precooked bacon and much better result! Not much grease and we still have bacon flavor. Time to bake 25-30 minutes)

*Great price for the precooked bacon at Sam’s Club, if you have this store around!

If you don’t have a wired rack, you can make ropes from foil and place under peppers, so pepper has space on the bottom for air circulation.

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6. Bake 40 minutes at 400ºF or how you like your bacon to be done.

*If using precooked bacon, time 25-30 minutes.

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Video Jalapenos Peppers Stuffed With Cream Cheese And How To Make Pepper Roses

How To Make Garnish Roses For Stuffed Jalapenos Peppers

Bacon and pepper roses are so cute garnish and easy to make! Cut the bottom of a jalapeno pepper with zigzag like on the photo. So simple to make just roll up a slice of turkey bacon or pork bacon (watch video). If you make the top of roses from turkey bacon bake for 20 minutes. It takes much less time than stuffed peppers. If you are going to make from pork bacon, pork bacon buds I cook the same time as the pepper.

The bottom of roses I tried blanch and bake with stuffed peppers together in the oven. Personally, I like more just blanch for garnish peppers because looks much better than fully cooked.

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      Not every turkey bacon works well to make bacon roses, some not flexible enough and brokes so easy. Everything depends on the brand you are going to use.

Photo Flower garnish stuffed jalapeno with cheese

On the photo baked rose, it stays well together and perfectly edible if someone wants to eat it!

Photo Garnish flowers stuffed jalapeno with cheese

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2. Jalapenos Peppers Roses With Petals

Another way to make petals, in my opinion, much easier to make pretty flower this way. Just make petals on one side of slice bacon and roll it up. I used fondant cutter for cakes to make even petals, but it is easy to make with just a knife.

Photo Stuffed Jalapeno pepperswith cheese garnished flower

Place roses with stuffed peppers and bake 20 minutes. Just remember they don’t take long like stuffed peppers.

Photo How to garnish stuffed jalapeno peppers with cheese

In the photo below, are peppers I made for the party at my husband’s friend’s business.

Photo Stuffed eggs paprika

On the photo, I tried to make roses from ham. They were much prettier than from bacon flowers. Ham roses take much less time on oven than peppers and than bacon roses. I learned my lesson hard way!

My lesson with ham roses

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    I adore jalapeño poppers and I’ve never seen anyone garnish them like this before. Those roses are gorgeous and I bet they’re tasty too:-) I am definitely going to be trying this when the weather gets a bit cooler!!

    • Gala
      Gala says:

      Jeanette, the recipe is so easy to make and really good as an appetizer or snack, I know not much fun to run the oven when the weather is so hot. I learned already from you in South Africa the weather starts cooling off soon and here in Louisiana state, the USA the weather is already pretty warm :)


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